Search Party Launched After Children Go Missing In Brecon Beacons

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Search Party Launched After Children Go Missing In Brecon Beacons

A search party has been launched to look for a group of school children who are apparently lost in the Brecon Beacons a mountain range in South Wales.

The alarm was raised at about 13.00 BST on Wednesday. Fourteen children have been found, but six are reportedly still missing.

It was initially reported that the children were lost in underground caves, but it is now thought that they are above ground.

RT reports:

Fourteen of the schoolchildren have been found and have been taken to the local pub in Tafarn Y Garreg to get warm, according to WalesOnline.

“I think there they found 14 kids and are bringing them down to the pub,” owner Andy Maglaras said.

“A member of the rescue team asked if they could bring them here to get warm.

“There’s about 10 rescue people over the road. The car park is full and a helicopter landed in a field behind me.”

It is not known whether the other six children have been found.

Initial reports claimed that the children were lost in caves, but it is now thought that they were above ground.

Police officers and three mountain rescue teams were taking part in the search. The rescue helicopter from Royal Air Force (RAF) St Athan was also sent to assist the search, Walesonline News said.

Two children are believed to be suffering from hypothermia.

Mark Moran from Central Beacons Mountain Rescue told BBC the rescue team managed to make intermittent phone contact with the four groups of six children, who do not have an adult with them, Moran says.

The children, from England, are in their mid teens and are on the beacons as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The mountain range in South Wales forms the central section of the Brecon Beacons National Park. The area is a popular training site for UK armed forces.

In 2013 three soldiers died from hypothermia while on a Special Air Service (SAS) selection exercise in the area.

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