Senior Police Officer Faces Trial For Possessing Video Of 5 Yr Old Being Sexually Abused

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A senior female Metropolitan Police officer is due to face trial after being accused of possessing a video clip showing a five year old girl being sexually abused.

The video which was 52 seconds long was allegedly found on chief superintendent Robyn Williams’s phone and been sent by her sister Jennifer Hodge who is a social worker

Williams, who has denied seeing the video clip,  is also accused of not reporting her sister after receiving the message in February last year.

 The Independent reports: The failure is said to be an “improper exercise of police powers”, according to a criminal indictment.

Social worker Ms Hodge, 54, and boyfriend Dido Massivi, 61, are both charged with distributing the clip – said to show an adult and a five-year old girl

Ms Hodge is said to have sent the video to 18 people on 2 February and Mr Massivi to two people on the same day, Willesden Magistrates’ Court was told.

Mr Massivi is also charged with distributing another video involving a 12-year-old girl and a seven-year-old boy on 29 January.

He was also said to be in possession of an “extreme pornographic” clip showing a woman and a horse on 2 February.

Prosecutor Katie Weiss said: “In relation to the image that was shared between the three parties. This was a video clip with a duration of 54 seconds. In this clip is a young black female, she’s around five years old, has plaits and flowers in her hair.

“She is wearing clothes. There’s a man in that video, you can’t see him properly but due to the size of his hands he’s quite clearly an adult.”

Ms Weiss added: “It was sent to 18 people including her sister who is a police officer. She. failed to report the matter to a colleague or police station.”

Ms Hodge, wearing a grey long-sleeved dress and a crucifix necklace, fanned herself during the hearing and wiped tears from under her glasses with a tissue as details of the sexual acts were described to the court room.

Ms Williams, who wore a smart grey blazer and skirt, looked straight ahead during the hearing and spoke only to confirm her name and nationality.

She also indicated a plea of not guilty.

Mr Massivi, who is a bus driver, wore a dark coat over a shirt and trousers and sat close to Ms Hodge in the dock.

Mr Massivi and Ms Hodge, from west London, were granted conditional bail and Ms Williams, of south London, was granted unconditional bail.

The three will next appear at Harrow Crown Court for a plea and trial preparation hearing on 9 April.

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