Snowden: U.S. Government Performed DNC Hack

Fact checked
Edward Snowden says the U.S. government are behind the recent DNC email hacks

Edward Snowden has rebuked John Kerry’s claims that Russia might be behind the DNC email hack, saying that the NSA know precisely who did it, and it wasn’t Russia. 

As the FBI investigate claims that Russian hackers were responsible for leaking embarrassing Democratic National Committee emails, Snowden has weighed in on the issue claiming that the leak may have originated from within the U.S. government. reports:

Russia’s Foreign Minister did respond to a reporter who asked about Russia’s involvement in the email hack by simply stating,

“I don’t want to use four-letter words.”

One person says he definitely knows how to get to the bottom of the DNC email hack, and that the FBI is not the right government organisation for the job at hand.

It’s Edward Snowden, and the NSA knows exactly how to track the hacker down.

There is only one slight snag to Snowden’s assertion…trying to get a “credible and accurate” answer from what is a politically corrupt, incredibly secret organization, like the NSA, may prove a bit difficult.

Snowden also does not want us to forget that it was the US government that authorised the hacking of political parties in the first place.

Snowden explains how to put the latest Hillary distraction and diversion to bed…