South Africa Forcing White People Out Of Country, Says Former President

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South Africa's ANC government is encouraging an "openly hostile” attitude towards white people based “on negative racial stereotypes”, while forcing all white people out, says former President.

South Africa’s ANC government is encouraging an “openly hostile” attitude towards white people based “on negative racial stereotypes”, while developing policies that are designed to force all white people out of the country, according to former President F.W. De Klerk.

De Klerk—who was the last leader of the country during apartheid before he handed power over to the ANC during the early 1990s—was speaking this week on the anniversary of his famous “Red Tuesday” speech delivered on February 2, 1990, in which he lifted the ban on the ANC and announced Nelson Mandela’s release from prison.

According to De Klerk, South Africa is “stumbling aimlessly down the road to societal collapse,” and that going by current South African President Jacob Zuma’s latest utterances, he could only conclude that “Zuma was determined to drag the country down by hijacking the state, and provoking economic crises and racial confrontation.

New Observer reports: “We are now without question on the wrong path,” De Klerk continued. “We are on the wrong constitutional path. The constitutionally guaranteed independence of our core institutions has been fatally compromised by the [ANC’s] hijacking [of the state].

This includes the national prosecution taskforce, the ‘Falcons,’ elements of the police, the intelligence service, and now also the public defender,” he said.

These institutions are now being routinely misused to prosecute opposition [to the ANC] and to protect friends and allies [of the ANC].”

De Klerk went on to claim that the erosion of the power and roles of these constitutional institutions have “open the door for corruption,” and are the “first indication of the collapse of society.”

The policy of nepotism pursued by the ANC, which De Klerk described as the “deployment of cadres” (“cadres” being members of the ANC) has severely weakened many state institutions, of which the electricity supply commission (Eskom), the South African Broadcasting Company (SABC), and South African Airways (SAA) are just “some examples,” he continued. All those institutions have been plagued by corruption, scandals, and collapsing services.

De Klerk then accused the ANC government of having an “openly hostile” attitude toward white people, based “on negative racial stereotypes.”

He said that this attitude was “busy creating a negative racial climate” which was aimed at “taking away the legitimate economic and cultural interests of [white] citizens, based purely on their race.

The ANC government was pursuing a policy which was “characterized by demographic representation in every facet of society,” De Klerk said.

It is a mathematical fact that the rigid application of demographic [racial] representation will lead to the disappearance of the white minority in South Africa within the next 50 to 60 years,” De Klerk said.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Divide and conquer racism is the normal modus operende in a Communist Socialist Dicatatorship Mandela introduced to South Africa.

  2. What goes around Comes around.. the whites bought this.. now they are paying for it…..who would have thought huh…

    • Sorry you dont have any knowledge of history , but are quick as any Liberal to use a know nothing statement .

    • Listen you piece of sh*t, don’t generalize, it was not all whites, it was traitors like you who don’t even have the guts to use his real name. Eventualy you will also pay whoever or whatever you are.

  3. I have books and other literature from the 1940s and early 1950s S.Africa. What a place it must have been .Running through it was one of the most modern rail systems in the world , cities booming with business , great schools for Blacks and Whites . It was one of the most advanced and beautiful countries any one could live ….Then Black radicalism took hold . and the rest is history ….The train is now a hand pump car with about 20 miles of rail left .

  4. Sounds like a civil war may be brewing. The communists, resort to these tactics when they know they are going to lose control. If they can get a racial war, or some type of ethnic groups fighting, they can keep control.

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