Study: Universal Background Checks Do Not Reduce Homicides

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Universal background checks do not reduce homicides, study reveals

Universal background checks in California have done absolutely nothing to reduce homicides in the state, according to a 10-year study by UC Davis.

The study was conducted by UC Davis’s Violence Prevention Research Program (VPRP) and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

It found that the very same checks the Democrat Party are pushing on the national level did nothing to prevent gun-related deaths. reports:  The study “found no net difference between firearm-related homicide rates before and during the 10 years after policy implementation.”

Researchers admitted that the findings of their study “disagree with those of studies associating comprehensive background check policies with a reduction in firearm homicide and suicide in Connecticut, and an increase in firearm homicide and suicide after comprehensive background check repeal in Missouri.”

The study also looked at the impact of “misdemeanor violence prohibition policies,” which were put in place in 1991.

They found firearm suicides to be “10.9 percent lower than expected” ten years later, but this was balanced out by the fact that non-firearm-related suicides fell by a similar percent.

This would indicate something other firearms as the driving force behind the suicides.

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