Sweden Is Heading for Civil War, Top CEO Warns

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Sweden is heading towards a civil war, top Swedish CEO warns

Sweden is heading for a civil war due to unchecked mass immigration, a former CEO of one of Sweden’s largest companies has warned.

Leif Östling, who served as Chief Executive Officer of Scania, believes mass immigration from alien cultures will eventually lead to Sweden’s downfall.

Speaking during an interview with Swebbtv, Östling said that the mass arrival of migrants from alien cultures who failed to integrate into Swedish society has created a violent situation, Fria Tider reports.

“We have taken in far too many people from outside, we have done that,” Östling warns.

“What to remember is that we have taken in people from the Middle East and Africa and they live in a society that we left about 100 years ago.”

“It is their feeling and perception of what a society is like.”

VoE reports: Sexual assaults, gang violence, explosions, organized crime, and unemployment are all at levels previously not seen before in Sweden. Unfortunately, these problems have only reared their ugly heads following the mass importation of Middle Eastern and North African immigrants.

“We’ve taken in far too many people from outside. And we have. Those who come from the Middle East and Africa live in a society that we left almost a hundred years ago,” Östling said.

In the interview, the former CEO of Scania also suggests that the military, at some point, could be required to quell civil unrest in migrant enclaves.


Östling mentions his experience with migrant integration in the workplace during his time as CEO of Scania, where close to 90 of the 100 Somali immigrants who were hired either left or were fired because they were unable to fulfill their duties or cooperate with co-workers.

For Östling, in order for migrants to properly integrate into, and begin to cope with Swedish society, a monumental “knowledge transfer” is needed, and that’s something that could take a generation to achieve.

Although Östling hopes that Sweden’s deep-seated issues can be resolved in a decade, he believes that if they’re not, civil war could be the end result.

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