Teacher Brags She Indoctrinated 20 Out of 32 Students To Be LGBT and They Have ‘Come Out’ to Her

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A fourth grade teacher at a public school in Texas has bragged that she has successfully indoctrinated 20 out of 32 children in her class to “come out” to her as LGBT.

According to the teacher, a whole week of teaching dedicated to LGBT issues “wasn’t good enough” because “out of the 32 students that I teach, 20 are LGBTQIA+ and have come out to me.”

The teacher was furious that her fourth graders were told a morning parade was a “Wellness Walk” promoting health and fitness when it could have been a “Pride Parade” celebrating “Queer folx” instead.

Internal messages from the primary school reveal that the LGBT Trojan Horse has infiltrated the public school system. This should come as no surprise for those who have been paying attention.

Take the example of Georgetown Day School, the private Pre K-12 school where Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson sits on the board of trustees. Georgetown promotes the homosexual and gender fluid lifestyle, including using fourth graders in a “Free to Be Me” school assembly aimed to educate “lower class students.”

As a member of the board of the Washington, DC, school, Jackson is required to “support” and “promote” the school’s activities, including teaching children to be “activists” and “allies” for the LGBT rights movement.

According to the National Association of Independent Schools website, the first responsibility of a trustee is that he/she “actively supports and promotes the school’s mission, vision, strategic goals, and policy positions.” NAIS also states that the trustee is “knowledgeable about the school’s mission and goals, including its commitment to equity and justice, represents them appropriately and accurately within the community,” and “stays fully informed about current operations.”

Per Breitbart: The production of the virtual school assembly was led by teachers and other adults at the school and was narrated by fourth graders. 

Guyton Mathews, program associate in the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the school introduced the “important GDS tradition” and said he was glad that this year the event (held in 2021) took place during Pride Month, a month designated to celebrate the LGBT lifestyle.

“Today students will take us through some LGBTQ plus history,” Mathews said. “And let us know the importance of accepting people for who they are and letting them love whoever they want.”

“As a gay black man, I know too well how challenging it can be to be your authentic self because of fear you may have about being judged,” Mathews said.

“In these scenes, the students learn about pride, activism, and what it means to be an ally,” fourth grade teacher Julia Tomasko said about the event before handing it off to the nine and 10-year-olds at the school.

“Good morning class,” a student says. “Does anyone know any examples of times when people have worked together and decided to speak up their voice powerfully to make a difference?” 

“During the Civil Rights movement, people all races marched to change unfair laws,” the student said. “People are still protesting for racial justice as part of the Black Lives Matter movement. Oh, yeah. We’ve learned about that this year.”

The students are told about the Stonewall riots in New York, which they were taught was a valiant effort to advance LGBT rights.

“A group of police officers tried to tell LGBTQ plus people they were not allowed to meet in places where they felt safe,” a student said. “The people who work together to challenge the police for their rights are heroes who change the world. Oh, it’s horrible that the police treated them like that.”

“I know you’re so right,” another student said. “That’s why two amazing transgender women named Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera decided to stand up for the rights of all members of the LGBTQ plus community.”

Another student talks about how a 7-year-old several years ago wrote to a Maryland state senator about same-sex marriage.

“At the time people of the same sex couldn’t get married,” the student said. “In her letter the second grader told him that wasn’t fair. He called that student to thank her for writing the letter and said he supported making same-sex marriage legal. Maryland was the eighth state to legalize same sex marriage.”

The students at the assembly are then treated to a play of sorts based on the book The Duchess Who Outlawed Jelly Beans, one of the stories in a book of “fairy tales” described on the University of Central Florida website as “LGBTQ (Gender and Sexuality); Gay/Lesbian; gay; gay fathers; gay adults; lesbian; lesbian mothers; lesbian adults; same-sex parents; children of gay parents.”

The website said the material is appropriate for grades K-3.

At last week’s Senate confirmation hearing, Jackson was asked about several controversial aspects of her professional and personal life, from light sentences she handed out to individuals convicted on child pornography charges to supporting Critical Race Theory at Georgetown Day School.

During her second day of questioning by senators on Tuesday, Judge Jackson took questions from a number of Republicans pertaining to her opinion on “Critical Race Theory” — and Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) specifically probed her on race-essentialist materials being taught at Georgetown Day School, such as Antiracist Baby by Ibram X. Kendi.

However, teaching Antiracist Baby is not the only radical material being pushed on children at the school where Judge Jackson sits on the board.

GDS brags about its far-left curriculum in its 2021-22 high school profile “curricular highlights,” showcasing a course, for instance, about “Exploring Reproductive Justice,” and a 9th Grade Seminar “flagship social justice course that serves as a launching point for a GDS High School Education.”

GDS High School stuck with the LGBT theme for its annual theater production in June of 2021. The school website described the play Spring Awakening this way: “On a cautionary note, the show includes different types of physical and emotional abuse. Families—particularly those with children younger than 8th grade—are cautioned to be aware that the show alludes to sex and also, more explicitly, illustrates both inappropriately sexual and abusive, damaging human relationships. Thus, these topics may be triggering for different members of the community and may preclude attendance at the premiere.”

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    • Here in South Africa, they would just burn the school down. Never thought I would agree with that!

  1. It’s a matter of opinion really Homophobic people will think it’s disgusting but they never thought that the past centuries of heterosexual programming were a problem Many gay people were really made to feel as outcasts by the socialisation programming of institutions that was nt necessarily beneficial to humanity in a reality check sense.
    I don’t think there’s any harm in children experimenting with ideas and playing. If you like” dress up ” mind games as the explore the world. But I’m not in favour of people intentionally trying to shape people’s sexuality. Children being given a safe free environment to exolore is one thing, but using that to deliberately try to turn them gay isn’t acceptable. Although I don’t think you can anyway. I’m pretty sure people are born whichever way they are going to be.

  2. social programming kills free will and if the child won`t go along with the program than they are left in the streets to die been in that system all my life an`t no one ever gona tell me who or what the fluct to be even my real mother or the flakes she dumped me with

  3. GOOD thing daddy had his PH-Ds like minnie harrold to teach me how to be soCIAl while still keeping my free will

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