Terrified Cher Admits NONE Of The Dems Running For President Can Beat Trump

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Cher wrote on Twitter that Joe Biden carries too much baggage to defeat Trump and none of the other Democrat candidates can win either.

Hollywood celebrity and pop star Cher spoke sense for what is probably the first time in her life, admitting that Joe Biden carries too much negative baggage to defeat Trump and none of the other Democrat candidates have any chance in November either.

The Oscar-winning Moonstruck star threw Biden under the bus in a tweet admitting that the former vice president has too “many strikes against him.” She added that Biden is a “good, honest man” who could be president, “but not run 4 pres.”

Cher also dismissed the entire crop of Democratic presidential hopefuls, writing that none of them appears able to beat President Trump in November.

The left-wing Hollywood star said that Democrats need a “magnetic leader to bring us to together, with impeccable background, who can hit the ground running.”

Cher also posted a question to her 3.7 million Twitter followers, asking what they would think if Mike Bloomberg asked Hillary Clinton to be his vice presidential running mate.

Last year, Cher posted a foul-mouthed rage tweet stating that Nancy Pelosi should be our president, not that ‘WHORE’ Trump.

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