The Great Reset: ANOTHER Fire Erupts at World’s Largest Produce Market

Fact checked
Another massive fire erupts at world's largest produce market

Fact-checkers want you to know that the recent spate of fires at food processing plants across the world is just a “coincidence” and absolutely nothing to worry about.

In 2022, we’ve seen an impossibly high number of these “coincidences” and people are starting to wake up to the truth.

The latest incident occurred over the weekend in Paris, France, where the world’s largest food market was burned to the ground.

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Per ABC News:

A billowing column of dark smoke towered over Paris on Sunday from a warehouse blaze at a massive produce market that supplies the French capital and surrounding region with much of its fresh food and bills itself as the largest of its kind in the world.

Firefighters urged people to stay away from the area in Paris’ southern suburbs, as 100 officers and 30 fire engines battled the blaze at the Rungis International Market.

Capt. Marc Le Moine, a spokesman for the Paris fire service, said no one was injured. The fire was brought under control and there was no risk of it spreading from the soccer field-sized warehouse, covering an area of 7,000 square meters (1.7 acres), he said.

The cause of the blaze was unknown but will be investigated, he added.

The sprawling wholesale market is a veritable town unto itself, with more than 12,000 people working there and warehouses filled with fruit and vegetables, seafood, meats, dairy products and flowers from across France and around the world. reports: If you haven’t woken up yet, please do so now. If you know people who haven’t woken up yet, do what you can to get them caught up and aware. This isn’t fearmongering. These problems are real and getting worse.