The WEF Say They Are Organizing Massive Civil Unrest in U.S. This Summer

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WEF admits its planning civl unrest in the U.S.

The World Economic Forum have admitted they are organizing massive civil unrest in America this summer as part of a “summer of chaos“, which is designed to help usher in their Great Reset agenda.

The leaders of Extinction Rebellion (XR) and various other WEF-affiliated groups are planning a “summer of chaos” in the United States this summer, complete with a “large-scale civil disobedience campaign” of hunger strikes, road and highway blockages, and violence at federal properties.

To make sure the WEF’s agenda of depopulation, 15-minute cities, and the eradication of national sovereignty occurs, Europe’s top WEF activists are expanding their United States-based franchise known as Declare Emergency, which aims to spread civil unrest across the pond from Europe to America. reports: In a recent videoconference, European eco-terrorists taught their U.S. counterparts how to raise money in order to raise hell, as well as how to boost membership while recruiting hordes of “arrestable” new members to serve as frontline soldiers in the more aggressive protests.

Tens of thousands of protesters have already been successfully rallied in Europe to bring entire cities to a standstill, resulting in millions of dollars in losses. Their goal is to spread this same fervor in the U.S., which saw similarly chaotic unrest following the George Floyd psy-op.

“What we want to do is create a large-scale civil disobedience campaign on the climate catastrophe in the United States,” stated Roger Hallam, co-founder of XR, during the online gathering with a few dozen U.S. based eco-terrorists.

What’s the point of eco-terrorism again?

It is not enough simply to throw paint on artwork and block traffic in places like the Netherlands and France. The goal is to spread the same kind of nonsense to America in protest of oil usage, which is what keeps the world going.

Climate terrorists believe that oil is bad, even though everything they do as part of their protests relies on oil. The protest clothes they wear; the cars and airplanes they use to travel; the chemical-based paint they smear all over Van Gogh – all of it is either made from oil or made from machines that rely on energy produced by oil.

Nevertheless, the plan is to spend millions of dollars and recruit thousands of people to raise hell across America this summer. A dark winter was not enough: now they want to create a dark summer too, under the guise of “saving the planet” from climate change.

Declare Emergency made headlines recently after two of its members smeared paint all over the case surrounding a Degas masterpiece at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. They also blocked roads in and around the capital, as well as staged a rally outside the home of Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York.

The group hopes to stage many more such scenes all summer long all across the country in order to make people’s lives as miserable as possible while screaming and wailing about how oil needs to go away if the planet is to stay cool enough for survival.

Other such stunts staged by these eco-terrorism groups include planting trees in Parliament Square; supergluing themselves to the gates of Buckingham Palace and other major landmarks; vandalizing artwork in major galleries; and even shutting down runways used by private jets.

Declare Emergency is demanding that fake president Joe Biden declare a national climate crisis, which would allow him to use his executive powers to put an end to all earth-based fuel production and use. Were this to occur, the American economy would come to a screeching halt, resulting in a total collapse and tens of millions of deaths.

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