There’s ‘No Possibility’ Of Gaza Ceasefire Says Biden

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As the death toll mounts, Joe Biden has bluntly rejected calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, saying there was “no possibility” of that happening.

In a letter released last week, more than 500 former campaign staffers who helped elect Biden in 2020, added to the growing number of calls to work towards a ceasefire in Gaza.

“As President of the United States, you have significant influence in this perilous moment,” the letter said according to a report by Vox.

“You must call for a ceasefire, hostage exchange, and de-escalation, and take concrete steps to address the conditions of occupation, apartheid, and ethnic cleansing at the root of the horrific violence we are witnessing now.”

On Sunday, a reporter asked the US president Sunday what the chances were of a Gaza ceasefire amid pleas by the United Nations, Middle Eastern countries, and hundreds of thousands of protesters across the world.

InfoWars reports: Biden’s remarks echo that of Israel, whose Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also rejected calls for a ceasefire on Saturday.

“We will not stop until we complete this campaign,” said Netanyahu. “There is nothing other than a victory.”

He added that no “international pressure” or any “aspersions cast about the IDF and about what we’re doing” will deter Israel in its offensive against Hamas. “It is a decree, it is an imperative, it’s incumbent upon us to defend the only State of the Jewish people.”

According to a recent Data for Progress poll, most Americans both Democrat and Republican believe the U.S. government should call for a ceasefire amid reports of tens of thousands of civilian casualties in Gaza.

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