Trump Tells Rally: “Crooked Hillary Will Be Behind Bars Very Soon”

Fact checked
Trump promises fans at Indiana rally that 'crooked Hillary' will be behind bars soon

President Trump has promised that Crooked Hillary will soon be behind bars, just as soon as he has dealt with inept Attorney General Jeff Sessions. 

Speaking at a packed rally Thursday night in Evansville, Indiana, Trump slammed Sessions and Christopher Wray, warning he may have to get involved. reports: Then the President slammed Crooked Hillary and said, “Look at what she is getting away with, but let’s see if she gets away with it.”

The Trump Justice Department is being held hostage because of Sessions’ recusal.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from all Hillary Clinton matters during his confirmation hearing last year.

Hillary Clinton sent classified information over a private email account while she was the head of the State Department, among many other crimes.

It appears President Trump is gearing up to replace AG Sessions after the midterm elections.

It is way past time for the Justice Department to launch a real investigation into Hillary Clinton.


  1. I watched the Deep State tribute to “The Songbird” [and it wasn’t Aretha Franklin] at the National Cathedral. I was fully expecting a large wooden owl to be wheeled out and set on fire.

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