Turkey Blocks Facebook And Twitter After Ankara Attack

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Facebook and Twitter have been blocked by the Turkish Government following Saturdays attack in Ankara.

The government censored news coverage of the terror attack in Ankara as Twitter and other social media sites went down across the country.

The Independent reports:

A statement by RTÜK released on its official website said that; “The Turkish Prime Minister has imposed a temporary broadcast ban regarding the terror attack conducted in Ankara this morning.”

A government spokesperson said the order covered images showing the moment of the blast, gruesome or bloody images or those “that create a feeling of panic”.

He warned media organisations they could face a “full blackout” if they did not comply.

Meanwhile, Turks reported that Twitter had been blocked on some of the country’s most popular networks, including Turkcell and TTNET.

Some people also said they were unable to access Facebook in the wake of the blasts.

Social media blackouts have been imposed with increasing frequency in Turkey in recent years, sparking protests and international criticism.

Index on Censorship classes the country as only “partly free” and the British Government has been among those raising concerns about blocks on social media and the treatment of journalists.

An award-winning Turkish journalist is being prosecuted for “insulting” the President and two Britons were among three Vice News journalists charged with “aiding a terrorist organisation” in August, prompting an intervention by the Foreign Secretary.

Anger was mounting at the government’s response to the bombing, which could be the deadliest terror attack in Turkey’s history.

Selami Altinok, the Interior Minister, refused to resign when questioned by journalists after the bombing and insisted that there were no security flaws.

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