UFO Filmed Travelling At Supersonic Speed In South Africa

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UFO spotted in South Africa travelling at supersonic speeds

New footage has been released online that shows a UFO flying above an airfield at supersonic speed, caught on camera inadvertently. 

The silver UFO was seen blazing across the sky at a high speed as the person filming recorded a nearby plane at Ysterplaat Airforce Base in Cape Town, South Africa.

Dailystar.co.uk reports:

The film was uploaded onto YouTube by Wesley Saunders on February 27 and has been viewed hundreds of times.

He initially missed the UFO but slowed down the footage to get a closer look.

Zooming in shows an oval-shaped craft with what appears to be a dome roof.

It comes after striking images showed what looked like a crashed spacecraft on Mars.

It was the latest in a string of bizarre sightings on the Red Planet, including a gorilla and statues paying homage to Egyptian gods.


  1. That’s a bee. Or maybe a large fly. You can even see the wings in the multi-screen shot at 0:43. Pause it there and look.

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