UFO Sightings Dramatically Rise 283% in 2020

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UFO sightings dramatically rise 283 percent in 2020

UFO sightings across New York City mysteriously rose a whopping 283% in 2020, according to the National UFO Reporting Center.

Brooklyn is the number one UFO hotspot, with 12 sightings so far. In second place is Manhattan with 11 and Queens with 10. Staten Islanders claim eight sightings, with the Bronx reporting five.

Two of the most dramatic UFO incidents occurred this summer, on Staten Island and in the Bronx.

In the early hours of July 21, an Islander witnessed an “oval” aircraft that “looked and sounded like a helicopter. Then, the mysterious flying machine “sent a surge of heat/radiation through my body!”

Nypost.com reports: The Islander “honestly thought it was the government putting something into the air with everything going on during these times and I thought I would wake up and find it all over the news or on Instagram.”

Late on June 8, a Bronxite watched 30 objects “flying in a perfect line, in perfect synchronicity” that “looked like a bunch of moving stars.”

The observer insisted, “I don’t drink, or take any drugs whatsoever. I’m not a UFO conspiracy theorist.”

An eerie episode can happen any time, anywhere.

On the night of Sept. 15, a Brooklynite stuck his head “out the bathroom window of my 2nd floor home” and saw “orange/metallic” orbs “standing still over the Canarsie/Jamaica Bay area.”

Reported the stunned stargazer: “By the time I called my son, they were gone. I could not believe my eyes.”

ETs can also put on a show. On Feb. 21, a Manhattanite reported six UFOs dancing at the Statue of Liberty on Feb. 21.

The reports offer time, place and lots of speculation — but not many details. And the observers don’t usually ID themselves.

Still, center director Peter Davenport has no doubt observers are seeing what they’re seeing.

“I believe we are being visited routinely by these things we call UFOs,” Davenport, 72, told The Post, adding he has had “five sighting experiences.”

Asked why outer-space types would want any part of our crazy world, the galactic gatekeeper said: “You are going to have to talk to the aliens. I don’t know what these creatures are up to. What their objective might be in being here.”