UK Gov’t Erect Signs Warning People Not to Sh*t in the Streets of London

Fact checked
UK government ask public not to defecate in the streets of London

The UK government has begun erecting signs in London asking people not to sh*t in the streets.

No, this is not satire.

A City of Westminster Clean Streets sign posted to Twitter reads, “This area is being monitored for street fouling. Anyone urinating or defecating may be subject to arrest.”

“Welcome to London. Do not shit in the street,” Old Holborn tweeted. reports: Public defecation used to be more of a problem in non-European countries, but it seems to have made its way here now.

The sight of feces in the streets is becoming a major problem in liberal utopias like San Francisco, and it seems it’s London’s turn for a taste of that brand of progressivism.


  1. This is nothing new. I saw a guy in Wood Green (London suburb) drop his pants and take a crap in the middle of the footpath on the busy shopping high-street a few years ago.
    Homeless people with nothing to loose are not going to stop relieving themselves outside just because of this sign!

  2. This is what happens when you have leftists in charge. People think they can shit in the street, people think they can share toilets with little girls. Execute the niggers, the muzzrats, and all of the braindead leftards and things will turn back to normal very quickly.

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