Unexplained Loud Sky Noises In Wisconsin Make Houses Shake

Fact checked

On Sunday evening an extremely loud “roaring” sound was heard by large numbers of people in Wisconsin, with no apparent explanation for where the sky noises originated. 

One person described the sound seeming louder and longer than an airplane would make, and another said their house physically shook due to the noise.

Gazettextra.com reports:

It was raining but not windy in Janesville at the time.

One commenter suggested the sound was from a meteor, and indeed, roaring sounds have been attributed to meteors in the past, news reports indicate.

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office and Rock County 911 center said it had received no calls about the phenomenon or any damage.

A 911 official checked with the National Weather Service in Sullivan, where officials had no radar contacts or weather events that might explain the noise.

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