US Parents Lose Custody Of 14 Yr Old Daughter After Opposing Her ‘Gender Transition’

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Montana parents lose custody of teen daughter

A troubled 14 year old has been removed from her home after so called Child Protective Services determined that she needed to transition.

A Montana family is now fighting to regain custody of their teenage daughter after she was abducted by state CPS services, alleging that she’d been mistreated by her family because they rejected radical gender treatments.

The parents in question simply believe, as many rational people do, that irreversibly medicalizing a teenager might cause more harm than good.

Infowars reports: It all began in August 2023, when parents Krista and Todd Kolstad were informed by their 14-year-old daughter’s school that she had been talking about suicide.

The report led to a home visit by a Montana Child and Family Services (CFS) worker, to whom the daughter “Jennifer” (a pseudonym) disclosed a suicide attempt that day by consuming household cleaner, despite no physical evidence she had committed the act.

The parents agreed to take Jennifer to a local hospital emergency room where her blood work came back negative for toxic substances.

However, the parents observed hospital workers had made a note that Jennifer identified as a male whose name was “Leo,” to which they voiced objections saying that violated their religious faith.

The outlet obtained copies of the hospital documents which showed the note:

“We were very clear to the emergency room staff as well as [CFS] that this goes against our values, morals, and our religious beliefs,” Krista informed Reduxx. “They told me to call their lawyer if I have an issue as they will do what the patient tells them.”

Since Jennifer had reportedly attempted suicide, the hospital kept her for 24/7 monitoring. All the while a counselor who stood outside the door would meet with her to discuss “gender affirming care.”

“I came one day and she was talking about having top-surgery and being non-binary,” Krista told Reduxx, adding she complained to a doctor who “told me, ‘why are you not more concerned that your daughter is trying to harm herself, than what [the aide] is talking about?’”

The Kolstads were also further asked by hospital staff to “respect” their daughter’s wishes and refer to her as “Leo.” 

In the meantime, CFS mentioned relocating Jennifer to a specialized residential care facility, including possibly a facility in Wyoming; however, Krista suspected the hospital and CFS favored this location because of Wyoming’s lenient laws on transitioning minors.

“They told us that there were 6 facilities in Montana, but that there was also a facility in Wyoming. And at that point, because we were already in such a state from the hospital disrespecting us and our wishes, we immediately looked up Wyoming’s laws on transitioning minors,” Krista explained to Reduxx. “It looked to us like kids could go ahead and have procedures done and have hormones without parental consent.”

The Kolstads were next informed Wyoming would indeed be the place for Jennifer, and CFS and police soon thereafter showed up at their residence to abduct Jennifer.

“They showed up at our home to serve us with papers to take Jennifer out of our care,” Krista described. “They told me the reason was that we were ‘unable or refusing to provide medical care.’ That’s just not true.”

Krista later learned Jennifer had told friends on the way out of town she was being taken away from her parents because she’s “crazy and trying to kill herself.”

Once Jennifer was at the Wyoming facility, the Kolstads weren’t allowed to have direct communication with her, and instead spoke to her counselor. The family is still attempting to obtain records of what type of rehabilitation Jennifer received there.

Jennifer was relocated to a Youth Dynamics group home in Montana on Sept. 25, where she resides today. 

“They called it ‘temporary legal custody,’ which means they have the say over where she is at, but we are supposed to be able to have the say over everything else. But that was not upheld. There were incidents of her getting vaccines we did not consent to, we were not told the name of the doctors involved, and she was allowed to shave her head,” Krista said.

The Kolstads, however, received a major blow in their case on Jan. 19 when a family court judge determined custody of Jennifer would go to CFS.

Despite a court-appointed attorney advising the family “keep their head down until the process was complete,” the Kolstads are now raising concerns CFS is going to place Jennifer with her birth mother, who abandoned her at a young age and had a history of abusing her other children.

“We were told that letting Jennifer transition and live as a boy was in her ‘therapeutic best interest’ and because we aren’t willing to follow that recommendation, the court gave CFS custody of Jennifer for six months,” Krista explained. “CFS is now going to place Jennifer in the care of her birth mother in Canada, who has never really been a part of her life. The judge said to us ‘you need to expect that reunification with your family may not be what you are expecting.’”

“Our family has been destroyed by this. We have little to no contact with Jennifer and our rights as her parents have been trampled on.”

The family says they will continue to pursue whatever legal action they can, not only against Jennifer’s group home, but also against the hospital and Montana CFS.

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