Taylor Swift Is a ‘National Treasure’ Says Liz Cheney

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Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney has publicly declared herself a fan of the anti-Trump pop star Taylor Swift.

In an X post on Wednesday Cheney called the left-wing singer/songwriter a “national treasure.”

Breitbart reports: Cheney’s post comes amid swelling backlash from conservatives against the mainstream media’s incessant coverage of Swift and its elevation of her to near-deity status. Time magazine declared her its 2023 Person of the Year, while Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kecle has made her an unmissable fixture on NFL broadcasts this season.

The seemingly choreographed nature of Swift coverage has struck a growing number of Americans as more than suspicious, especially as the November election draws closer.

Swift endorsed Joe Biden in 2020, and vocally opposed then President Donald Trump, casting his supporters as white supremacists. A recent poll showed that a Swift endorsement in 2024 could impact the outcome of the election.eDespite losing her Wyoming Senate seat in e humiliating landslide defeat, Liz Cheney is still a fixture on mainstream news media shows, recently appearing on ABC’s The View where she said that she would never vote for Trump and did not rule out voting for incumbent Bidene

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