Violent Eruptions As Yellow Vests Clash With Police In France

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Yellow vest protesters gathered in Paris and other cities across France today for a fifth consecutive Saturday of demonstrations.

Hundreds of people gathered in the heart of the French capital calling for Emmanuel Macron’s resignation

Protesters wearing their now-famous yellow vests (‘Gilets jaunes’) held a minute’s silence on the streets of Paris in the morning for those injured and killed in clashes with police

A protest against the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel also took place in Brussels on Saturday.

RT reports: Several clashes and scuffles broke out at the iconic Champs-Elysees avenue and near the Opera House.

Police were seen using pepper spray and tear gas against the protesters.
At least 95 people have been detained in the capital, with 63 being placed in custody, according to the latest figures.
Over 33,000 people gathered nationwide for the protests, the Interior Ministry said. Some 2,200 of them rallied in the capital, which is five time less than last Saturday.
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