Washington State Sheriff Says ‘Don’t Be Sheep’ Urges Residents To Defy Face Mask Order

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Washington sheriff

A Washington state sheriff has urged residents to defy a statewide mandate by Gov. Jay Inslee which requires people to wear face masks in public.

“Don’t be a sheep,” Lewis County Sheriff Rob Snaza told a cheering, unmasked crowd adding that his deputies would NOT be enforcing the rder. it

The New York Post reports: He said people should break the coronavirus safety order during a speech in a church parking lot Tuesday, according to footage posted by a Daily Chronicle photographer.

“In case you guys didn’t hear, Gov. Inslee in his infinite wisdom has decided after over a hundred and some odd days that we should all wear face masks — inside and out,” Snaza declared into a bullhorn while wearing a police uniform and no face cover.

“Here’s what I say: Don’t be a sheep.”

Dozens of people gathered around him are then shown cheering, clapping and waving American flags.

The defiant pep rally came several hours after the Democratic governor ordered residents to wear masks both inside and outside — or face a $1,000 fine and up to 90 days in jail — to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Before the speech Tuesday, the crowd gathered at a billboard that reads “Oh no, a virus! Quick, Burn the Bill of Rights” next to Interstate 5 in Napavine. They had flocked to the sign to oppose a petition circulating to have it removed.

Klickitat County Sheriff Bob Songer also spoke out against the governor’s order, calling Inslee an “idiot” who is “overstepping his bounds [and] violating people’s constitutional rights,” according to Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Inslee’s statewide mandate requires people over the age of 5 to wear face coverings, with exceptions in outdoor spaces where people can remain more than 6 feet from each other.


  1. only in the democratic controlled regions are we having a continued issue with this planned demic.

  2. Democrat cult members, you know what to do in November if you want to be free. Or vote for your cult and continue with the boot on your necks.

  3. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo to this LEO sheriff that knows how to do his job according to the oath he took. Even if the legislators in the state voted it in, it is not law as it goes against the constitution and the will of God. Marlbury VS Madison applies 1803

  4. I was one of the very few maskless folks at the grocery here in Olympia. I refuse the follow the herd, and I’m glad this Sheriff is on board.

      • I’m going to fashion one out of a pair of 30 year old boxers. I couldn’t find my cup/jock from hockey, as that would make a great mask as well as a bold fashion statement.

  5. Type o blood groups are least likely to be adversely impacted even if the y contract this scientists manufactured bioweapon.Rhats almost everyone and so long as they arent frail aged or with serious heart lung conditions they will be in the 85 % of people who will experience nothing more than flu symptoms .

  6. wearing a mask..so much for facial recognition..and don’t bank robbers wear mask…so now it is a lot easier to rob a store now that everyone is wearing a mask..the cashier will easily be snuck up on now

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