WHO Is ‘Very Worried’ About Covid Surge In Europe

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The World Health Organization says it is “very worried” about the spread of Covid-19 across Europe.

WHO regional director Dr Hans Kluge warned that around half a million more people could die from covid by March unless urgent action is taken.

Blaming the new covid wave on things like winter, the Delta variant and an insufficient level of vaccine coverage, Dr Kluge suggested that the wearing face masks could immediately help and predictably called for an increased vaccine uptake.

The BBC reports: Dr Kluge said factors like the winter season, insufficient vaccine coverage and the regional dominance of the more transmissible Delta variant were behind the spread.

He called for increased vaccine uptake and the implementation of basic public health measures and new medical treatments to help fight the rise.

“Covid-19 has become once again the number one cause of mortality in our region,” he told the BBC, adding “we know what needs to be done” in order to fight the virus.

Dr Kluge said mandatory vaccination measures should be seen as a “last resort” but that it would be “very timely” to have a “legal and societal debate” about the issue.

“Before that, there are other means like the Covid pass,” he said, adding that this is “not a restriction of liberty, rather it is a tool to keep our individual freedom.”

Austria on Friday became the first European country to announce that Covid-19 vaccination would become a legal requirement. The new rules are set to come into force in February, as details of how the measure will be enforced are still being discussed.

The announcement, alongside that of a new national lockdown was made in response to record case numbers and low vaccination levels.

Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said it was a difficult decision to take in a free society, but that the jabs were “the only exit ticket we have to break this vicious circle”.

“It’s a problem for the whole society because even those that are vaccinated, if they don’t have access to an intensive care unit because they’re blocked by those who are not vaccinated and got sick, so then they are affected as well,” Mr Schallenberg told the BBC.

On Saturday, tens of thousands of people protested against the new measures in the capital Vienna. Many waved signs with slogans such as “no to vaccination” and “enough is enough”.

Many other European countries are also imposing new measures as cases rise.


    • Hump hated motocyclists but had a HOG given to him by east side bikers.Three bikers die every day since before covid in the USA every day since before ever

    • the only people i know that died of covid were fully vaccinated. before that I knew two hand fulls of people that got it and some had a bad flu, some had a scratchy throat

        • Here 20,000 nurses have resigned over it. And they’re the experienced ones who already own their homes a d have no debts I’m sure because otherwise it would have been much more, but most younger ones have mortgages car payments a d kids to feed and simy can’t afford to resign.

          • I know it’s rough to just drop a career because of bills etc. But nobody should allow that to coerce them to inject themselves with something that has been harming/ki11ing a ton of people. When you are vax injured and can’t work -is it worth it?
            Nobody is gonna help you. Not your job, not your government & certainly not the makers of the injection.
            There’s regular lower paying jobs everywhere right now. Downsize. Move to a lower cost of living area. I just did that very thing. And my life is so much better because I was willing to pick everything up and move thousands of miles away from my ‘home’. There’s all sorts of ways to better your life. And it’s definitely not injecting this.
            Besides- they’re purposely crashing the world economy. The hospital jobs are already spoken for by AI bots named Grace & driverless trucks & pilotless planes. It’s not a coincidence that United airlines mandated the jab then spent a ton of money ordering planes that fly without pilots.
            It’s obvious they’re preparing for mass casualties. My sister still works at a hospital & she hasn’t been coerced, yet. But she will leave if it comes to that.
            No jabbing of her children either.
            People do still have power to change their circumstances. They need to use that power instead of being victims of it.

      • rabby vacs since forever and 7 billion people with the jab would put you at the wrong end of the gun and on a bad open set low budget

  1. As if half a million people won’t die by March without covid Old people sick people, people who are old and sick normally always get temperatures before they die and so test “positive” to their intentionally faulty flawed dishonest misleading corrupt testing regime. Everyone knows

    • than go to the lab and play with thier rabby DOGs without a shot and see how long you last 5 million dead 250 million had it and 7 billion have the jab

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