WHO Orders Biden To Arrest Americans Who Share Non-Mainstream Content Online

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WHO orders Biden regime to arrest Americans who post non-mainstream content online

The World Health Organization (WHO) has ordered the Biden regime to begin censoring and arresting Americans who are caught sharing non-mainstream opinions online.

The WHO is currently finalizing its “Global Pandemic Treaty” which will grant the UN, WHO and WEF the ability to govern nations and impose tyrannical censorship policies that directly violate the First Amendment.

UN member nations, including the United States, have confirmed that they will sign the “Global Pandemic Treaty” in 2024.

Once signed, once sovereign nations will surrender authority to the WEF, UN and WHO in the event of an international emergency such as “global boiling”.

If the global elite decide to declare a “climate emergency,” they would have full governmental authority to enforce permanent lockdowns.

Slaynews.com reports: Larry Gostin, who heads Georgetown’s WHO Collaborating Center, revealed in a recent interview how the organization will censor dissent and wrongthink online.

Gostin has a key behind-the-scenes role in negotiations regarding the Pandemic Treaty.

According to Gostin, the WHO insists that online “misinformation” is a “serious health threat.”

The WHO is pushing for an all-society approach to “misinformation.”

Medical societies, tech companies, “fact-checking” organizations, and corporate media outlets will all apparently need to pull together, according to Gostin.

Gostin and his fellow creators are making no effort to hide their goal to usher in “global governance.”

However, Gostin insists that the WHO is on a mission to arrange the lives and the future of the human race to “save the planet.”

In the interview with Health Policy Watch, Gostin signaled that the WHO wants to suppress information that questions vaccines.

“Misinformation poses a serious health threat, especially in vaccine distribution,” Gostin declared.

“Balancing free speech with combating misinformation is challenging.

“An all-of-society approach is needed, involving medical societies, tech companies, and fact-checking organizations.

“WHO can lead partnerships between scientific experts and information disseminators to ensure credible information reaches the public.”

Gostin also confirmed that the UN agency wants the negotiations to be finalized and the treaty signed by all world leaders by May next year.

This goal would be just in time for the next World Health Organization Assembly meeting.

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