World’s Top Virologist: Spike Protein Causing ‘Hearts To Violently Explode’

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Top virologist warns the spike protein is causing hearts to explode

Spike proteins included in the Covid-19 jabs are causing people’s hearts to violently explode, top virologist Ryan Cole recently declared on the Dr. Drew show.

Presenting slides showing how the spike protein expresses itself in brain tissue and other major organs, the Idaho pathologist described how they make their way throughout the body “wherever the lipid nanoparticle distributes.”

“Dr. Drew had a great question: Is it in the grey matter [of the brain], is it in the white matter? Where in the brain? Wherever the lipid nanoparticle distributes and it does get through the blood-brain barrier… and we know the spike gets through as well. So it’ll follow the small capillaries and leak into whatever tissue it wants to.” reports: Dr. Cole next presented additional slides showing how spike proteins have been found in the aorta, the heart’s main artery.

“This is something that is unusual. Usually you’ll see this in genetic conditions where the aorta ruptures.”

Referencing one slide showing how the spike protein expresses itself in the aorta, Dr. Cole noted, “That’s spike protein literally causing the lymphocytes to chew a hole in the aorta. This is the biggest blood vessel in your body, coming off your heart. When that ruptures, you’re gone in minutes.”

“So, that’s just another example of what deposited spike protein and the induced inflammation can do.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Cole along with Dr. Kelly Victory discussed slides showing fibrous “foot-long blood clots” taken out of autopsy patients.

“What there is is unusual amounts of collected proteins…there are unusual combinations of proteins that make it difficult for the body to dissolve,” Cole explained.

Dr. Cole went on to encourage his colleagues around the world to continue researching the long-term health effects associated with experimental mRNA vaccination.


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