BLM Tell White Businesses Owners in New York: “Get the F**k Out, These Are Our Businesses Now”

Fact checked
Black Lives Matter protestors demand white New York City business owners leave the city

Black Lives Matter protestors in New York have demanded that white restaurant owners “get the f**k out” of the city, or face a violent backlash by the far-left group.

Dangerous activists took to the streets in numerous cities across America on Wednesday night despite Chauvin being convicted on all counts.

A disturbing video shows BLM terrorists yelling at diners, “Get the f**k out of New York! We don’t want you here.”

“We don’t want your money! We don’t want your f**king taquerias owned by white men!” the crowd chants, before another BLM activist suggests that the Democrat mob “take 30 per cent” of their income. reports: The group later marched across Manhattan Bridge while chanting “one solution, revolution” as they carried a banner displaying bloody hand prints and the words “abolish the NYPD.”

Harassing people who are trying to eat their dinner has become a specialty of Black Lives Matter since the start of last summer.

The confrontations resemble Maoist-style struggle sessions where white people are aggressively confronted, subjected to ritual public humiliation and forced to show allegiance to the mob by raising their fist.


  1. Blah blah blah ,yes of course it’s just how they aet chinese up to be slaves for the west , for the western white industrialists profits . And that sent the american workers wages down the rocket setting up.BLM and antifa and caused the american economic disaster they wanted .Next the BLM will be made communists too .And you know what ?England and Russia will rule the world at the end of ot and the English royals can claim.russia because of the romanov being Vicky’s grand kids and the revolution being illegal and tbe family being murdered, under inheritance laws .Basically.

  2. Notice they don’t come out to the burbs to preach their ideologies and tell business owners to get out. They wouldn’t like the end result, best to keep it to the cities where you are fish in a barrel.

  3. I wish white people would leave large liberal cities, crime would skyrocket, city government would be bankrupt, no actual work would ever get done. The cities would crumble within a decade.

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