8.2 Alaska Earthquake Sparks Tsunami Warning In Alaska & Hawaii

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The coast of Alaska has been hit by an 8.2 magnitude earthquake, triggering a tsunami warning in Hawaii and Alaska.

Tremors along the Ring of Fire increased dramatically in the last 24 hours.

The earthquake occurred 175 miles (281.6 km) southeast of Kodiak City in Alaska at a depth of 12 miles (19.3 km) at 9.31am GMT (12.31am local time) on Tuesday, sparking the alert, according to the US National Tsunami Warning Center

The quake prompted a tsunami warning for parts of Alaska and Canada and a tsunami watch for the entire US west coast.

The USGS has since downgraded the quake to a magnitude of 7.9.

Reports on social media suggest that the tremors were felt as far south as Seattle and Vancouver.

Alaska’s largest city Anchorage has issued an extreme warning, saying there is “extraordinary threat to life or property”

RT reports: According to the Anchorage Office of Emergency Management, “A tsunami warning is now in effect which includes the coastal areas of British Columbia and Alaska from the Wash./BC border to Attu Alaska.”

“Tsunamis are a series of waves dangerous many hours after initial arrival time,” it said. “The first wave may not be the largest.”

A tsunami watch alert has also been issued for the state of Hawaii. “Based on all available data a tsunami may have been generated by this earthquake that could be destructive on coastal areas even far from the epicenter,” the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said. “An investigation is underway to determine if there is a tsunami threat to Hawaii.”

Should a tsunami impact Hawaii, the first wave is estimated to arrive at 4:26 am HST (14:26 pm GMT). In Alaska, the estimated tsunami start time for Kodiak is 1:45 am AKST (10:45 am GMT).

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