Anthony Weiner Is Now Working At A Crisis Publicity Firm

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Anthony Weiner

Cue the millions of eyeballs all rolling in sync when it was announced today that the sex-scandal plagued former congressman and NYC congressman Anthony Weiner is now working at a publicity firm.  Weiner, who had a promising political career ruined by a sexting scandal, has taken a position on the advisory board of East Rutherford, New Jersey-based public relations firm MWW.

According to The International Business Times [1]:

“Anthony Weiner’s primary role at MWW will be as a part-time consultant primarily focused on policy and new business development,” said Paul Tencher, the Washington, D.C., managing director for MWW, in an email to Politico [2]. “He will not be serving clients directly, but rather serving as an adviser to our leadership team.”

Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, is a longtime Hillary Clinton confidante and was a top adviser to her while she was secretary of state, and his new job puts him at a company whose founder has raised more than $100,000 for the presidential hopeful. Michael Kempner, the founder of MWW, is a top bundler for Clinton, meaning he holds fundraising events and collects big checks for the candidate from people in attendance.

Weiner’s new job was first reported by the New York Post [3], which noted that MWW created the New Jersey “Stronger Than the Storm” media campaign in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and that the firm specializes in crisis communications. “Stronger Than the Storm” was named campaign of the year at the 2014 SABRE Awards.

The company’s website lists a variety of specialty areas, including travel, sustainability, technology, LGBT marketing and financial communications. Weiner will be working with the company to lend insight into the workings of New York City, where he lives (he represented parts Brooklyn in Congress), and Washington.

Weiner came under national scrutiny for his botched management of his own scandal. He admitted to sexting with a woman in Seattle in June 2011. The acknowledgment of the sext came after repeated denials that a photograph of a man’s groin posted on his Twitter account was his. Weiner initially resisted resigning from his position, but ultimately stepped down. He later attempted a run for mayor of New York City but did not receive substantial support [4].