Anti-Trump School Teacher Offers to Pay Someone With Coronavirus to Cough on POTUS

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Rhode island public school teacher offers to pay someone with coronavirus to cough on President Donald Trump

A public school teacher from Rhode Island has offered to pay for someone with COVID-19 to cough on President Trump.

Amy Bednarz is a 6th grade teacher at Villa Nova Middle School in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

On Sunday, she posted an offer on social media for someone infected with the deadly virus to deliberately spread it to POTUS. reports: When Bednarz is not teaching English as a Second Language to middle schoolers, or offering to hire people to kill the president with biological warfare, she can often be found threatening Keri Rodriguez, the president of the National Parents Union.

Bednarz’ hostility towards Rodriguez has been so severe that she wrote a blog detailing her experiences with the teacher — which included threats against her children and repeatedly calling her on the telephone.

“Amy has even done her research to find out the name of the street I live on and even my phone number, which she calls on a regular basis,” Rodriguez wrote. “Now, I have no problem with people writing in to disagree with me, to correct my spelling and punctuation or to offer any kind of feedback. I’m tickled that people even read this little blog so I’m honored when people want to join the conversation. But threatening to come after me and my children where we live? That’s a bit much, no?”

Though she used an anonymous account to offer money to someone for infecting the president, she was quickly figured out, as she has posted about where she works.

She also frequently posts about her cat on both her anonymous Twitter account and her public Facebook profile.

Bednarz previously worked as an ELL teacher in the Brockton, Southbridge and Fall River public school districts in Massachusetts. She is currently listed on the faculty list for Villa Nova, though her name is misspelled in the directory.

The Gateway Pundit has reached out to Bednarz, as well as Villa Nova Middle School administrators, for comment and will update this article if any are provided.

After we reached out to her for comment on her public Facebook page, Bednarz deactivated her Twitter account.

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