Brother Of 9/11 Attack Victim Demands Inquest To Be Re-Opened

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Briton who is the brother of a 9/11 victim has demanded that the inquiry into what happened during the September 11 attacks be re-opened

A brother of one of the 9/11 victims has called on authorities to re-open the inquest into what happened on September 11, 2001 – saying that the official version of events don’t add up. 

Geoff Campbell was on the 106th floor of World Trade Center tower one on the morning of September 11 2001 when a hijacked plane hit it. Initial investigations found no trace of Geoff. But then 2002 some bone fragments emerged that matched his DNA. reports:

For years Geoff’s brother Matt kept his concerns about the official version of events too himself but after his own personal international investigation he wants to raise awareness about the lack of hard evidence.

Former City IT consultant Matt, 47, said: “After 15 years there are still so many unanswered questions.

“Unfortunately, there are still too many gaps so I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that there needs to be a new inquest.

“Ideally, I would like a public inquiry but that seems unlikely.

“I have a meeting with lawyers soon and a request will be going to the Attorney General to refer the matter to the High Court.

“Hopefully, the High Court will agree that the inquest should be re-opened.”

Matt now lives a quiet life as a reflexologist with his wife and three children in Sussex, but devotes a large part of his life trying to get basic questions answered.

“There is so much information out there on the internet which is so wrong, so many theories that I try very hard to focus on just fundamental evidence,” he said.

“I thought my simple request to the FBI to see the flight manifests of American Airlines 11 would be agreed to but I have been refused permission all the time.

“All I have asked for is the evidence that these five men were actually on the flight manifest, without it the official case falls apart from the outset.”

The official version of events is that Al Qaeda leader Mohammed Atta and four others hijacked the jet shortly after it took off from Boston en route to Los Angeles.

The group stabbed several stewardesses and killed another passenger in their battle to take over the plane.

Atta is actually heard on tape telling anxious passengers not to do anything stupid, before he takes over the controls and flies it into the building.

Matt says: “All we see from the official records is some CCTV of two of them after getting an inter connecting flight. Why can’t they just show me the manifest of AA11?”

The 9/11 Commission prepared a report on the disasters and blames the hijackers.

However, Matt says the report’s authors were not given access to all the information and were not allowed to speak directly to those giving evidence about the hijackers.

He is particularly concerned about the wall of silence surrounding the collapse of building 7, a 47 storey structure by the twin towers which collapsed although it was not directly hit by any aircraft.

He said: “Just from looking at the footage it is obvious to many experts I have spoken to that this was a controlled demolition with explosives.

“The official line is that internal fires caused it to collapse.

“I have spoken to fire officers, police and experts and none of them believe the official story. We are not being told the truth.”

Matt insists he is not a conspiracy theorist, but says he is curious about other theories about what happened and supports a play which opens at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden, London on February 16.

Called I.S.I.S (an acronym for Intelligence. Surveillance. Infiltration. Subversion.) it tells the story of how a London group which challenges the 9/11 narrative is infiltrated by the security services.

Written by Peter Neathey, it shows the lengths to which shadowy government agencies will go to stop people challenging the official version of events.

Matt says: “The play raises some interesting questions and people should see it.

“The official narrative of 9/11 is a lie. I am going to reopen my brother’s inquest and expose the lies of government and the absence of evidence supporting the official narrative. I have to get justice for Geoff.

His inquest was held a few years ago and it was very brief. The commission’s findings were accepted, but they need to be challenged.”

The play runs for six nights.

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