Convicted Pedophile Knocked Out By Victim In Courtroom After Judge Allows Him To Walk Free

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A 29-year-old Nevada man who was sexually abused by an “evil” pedophile as a child knocked out his abuser after a so-called “judge” gave the child rapist a sentence which included no prison time.

8 News Now revealed Thursday that 80-year-old Richard Gross was in a Clark County district courtroom for his sentencing on October 2nd. Gross pleaded guilty to one felony count of attempted lewdness with a child under the age of 14 and received a suspended sentence from “Judge” Tierra Jones which allowed him to walk free.

Tylor Fu, whom Gross abused from ages eight to fifteen, helped secure his abuser’s conviction after testifying against him. After the so-called judge gave Gross a slap on the wrist, Fu decided a punch in the face was more appropriate.

Fu rose from his seat and slugged Gross so hard that the pervert fell to the floor. He was immediately taken into custody and arrested for misdemeanor battery. Watch:

GWP report: The proud father of two children, Fu explained to 8 News Now in an interview (his face is obscured to protect his and his family’s privacy) that he was “extremely angry” that Jones essentially let Gross get away with abusing him.

“I was extremely angry. I know he’s old but that doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t change the damage that he caused.”

Fu then explains that he was prompted to report his abuse to police in 2019 after his wife showed him a news article about sexual abuse. Gross was indicted on 26 charges after Fu testified.

Fu goes on to tell the interviewer it makes zero sense why a child predator can walk out a free man after committing one of the worst crimes imaginable.

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It just doesn’t make sense how someone can abuse a child multiple times and just walk away without any prison time.

When asked by the interviewer if there is anything he wanted to say to Gross, Fu’s response was rightfully harsh:

“He got away with a golden ticket for what he did. And what he’s done to me should punishable by even death.”

Fu filed a lawsuit against Gross and his wife in 2021. He said Gross’s abuse of him happened in the pedophile’s home, his pickup truck, and while on a camping trip.

He told 8 News Now he took legal action to encourage others to speak out and help stop child sexual abuse.

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