Debate Night: Bold Trump Kicked New World Order’s Ass

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Donald Trump won the final presidential debate on Thursday night and won big, leaving the Clinton campaign battered and bruised and the New World Order shaking in their boots.

Like a boxer confident in his own strength, Donald Trump was calm and confident last night, and when the moment came to strike he landed a series of heavyweight blows on Hillary Clinton. Her campaign, already wobbling after weeks of leaks and exposés, is now on the canvas.

Trump, the “pied piper” candidate who Hillary expected to swat aside, stood ramrod straight and battered the establishment favorite, expertly targeting her weak spots. The New World Order, having banked the bullion on a Clinton presidency, is now shaking in its jackboots.

Trump won the night and won big. Unruffled by petty distractions, he landed a telling blow when he exposed Hillary’s secret immigration plans to the whole country. How many CNN-watching Americans even know that WikiLeaks exposed her telling Wall Street bankers she wants “open borders“?

Hillary Clinton open borders

Hillary isn’t satisfied with the number of immigrants Obama has bought into the United States. Hillary’s New World Order masters want to send those numbers through the roof. Make no mistake, George Soros, exposed in leaks issuing Hillary foreign policy orders, will be running her State Department from in the shadows.

Not surprisingly, it was on foreign policy that Trump, appearing more Presidential than ever before, destroyed the former Secretary of State. Hammering away unapologetically at her weakest point – ISIS – Trump left Hillary dazed and unable to defend herself. Her coherence went out the window, followed closely by her dignity, as she offered up a series of increasingly bizarre rictus grins, with not a rebutal to Trump’s argument in sight.

By the time Obamacare was raised, Hillary was on the ropes. Trump could smell it, and he grabbed the opportunity with both hands. While Hillary was wittering about making minor adjustments to Obamacare -essentially endorsing it – Trump roared, “Your husband doesn’t agree!” referring to Bill Clinton, Hillary’s live-in business partner, who was caught saying Obamacare is “the craziest thing in the world.”

The New World Order puppet was down for the count. This didn’t stop Trump delivering some home truths while she attempted to clamor back to her feet. Hillary needs to know how her behavior affects those around her, and the fact is all her “closest friends” are on record slamming her. “Nasty woman” doesn’t come close.

WikiLeaks just actually came out John Podesta said some horrible things about you and boy was he right,” Trump said, referring to what Hillary’s campaign chairman has said her back in emails released by WikiLeaks. “He said some beauties.

A bitter pill. Nobody was there to correct the record for Hillary. She had to swallow it.

Bernie Sanders said you have bad judgment,” Trump continued. “I agree.

Hillary’s puppet strings flailed briefly, her rictus grin returned, but signs of life were short lived. She was down and out. Lights out. The puppet was pummeled. Trump didn’t even have to remind her what Barack Obama said about her in 2008. Or what her bogus BFF Michelle said about her during the same campaign.

The Rothschild/Soros 2016 shadow presidential campaign just took one hell of a beating.

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