US Film Director Claims He Channeled Reptilian Entities

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A US based filmmaker claims to have channeled reptilian entities which he says inspired him to produce a movie about UFOs and aliens. 

A US based filmmaker claims to have channeled reptilian entities which he says inspired him to produce a movie about UFOs and aliens. 

Your News Wire was able to catch up with US based Film-maker Olly Marshall.

This writer has also interviewed Olly for THA TALKS.

Olly Marshall has a long and successful career in film-making. He’s been making films for over 20 years, a lot of documentary work, especially the Illuminati Records, an incredible documentary covering Anthony J Hilder’s recording of the record set “The Illuminati Records”, a piece of cultural heritage that kick-started the modern conspiracy movement.

A few years ago Olly was drawn to the USA, and fell deeply in love with the imagery and richness for film-makers at locations like 6th Street Bridge in Los Angeles, or Giant Rock, a freestanding boulder in the Mojave Desert, both of which have been used in countless numbers of movie, and evoke a spiritual heart to Movie America.

And this led to his exploration of the UFO conference world, meeting countless UFO and Alien experiencers, and a period where Olly’s own perceptions were opening up to the breadth of the stimulus available.

Olly then sought out “regression therapy”, to get into his own past so he could get answers over whether glimpsed recollection’s haunting his own memories were really repressed alien contacts. And it’s at THAT point, while he was in a regression trance, that Reptilians started communicating with him.

As Olly said in interview with THA TALKS (from 22 minutes):

“I believe I have had some definite channelling with Reptilian Entities. They don’t necessarily have a physical form but you can still communicate with them. If you pay interest in something it will find you: I was just a vessel for that”

Olly also stated: “I do feel it was positive: the creatures I have encountered are curious and observe. I believe my contact was positive, and with an entity that was passive, curious, gentle, and interested in our life on Earth”

Following on from this contact, Olly developed his film Street Eyes. The theme of his film directly explores a citizen investigator team coming across reptilians, walk-ins, and sinister groups, operating in the Los Angeles area, and sacred sites out in the desert.

You can view a preview or buy the film here:

Olly is continuing to develop Street Eyes and working on both a comic book based on the channelled information he received, and concepts for a potential TV series.

Olly’s also setting up to start filming on a new script, Ghost-Hawk, a film with a deep spiritual message, about a native American family being stalked by an entity.

And Olly is especially keen to hear from qualified Film Crew who have maybe also had these kind of experiences, to get a team together to truly realise the vision he has been given.

Contact Olly here:

Your News Wire was fascinated to talk to Olly and will be keeping an eye on what he comes up with!

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