No Proof Sandy Hook Shooter Was “FBI Insider”

Fact checked
Leaked docs reveal Sandy Hook shooter was on FBI payroll

Update: This article has been retracted. The original article, published in 2017, stated without proof that FBI documents released that same year detailed how Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza was on the bureau’s payroll. This was false.

The documents released by the FBI included reports from FBI agents who interviewed people about Lanza, with one stating that he had tried to hack into the government’s computer system. His mother also claimed that agents had told her if her son was smart enough to successfully breach their system that he might be able to get a job with their agency someday.

However, there is no proof to back up the claims that the shooter actually worked for the agency.

These claims were published by our old website Our editorial standards have changed since then and we no longer stand by the claims made in the original article. We have therefore retracted the original story and updated our headline.


  1. hes a fucking wired looking fukka isn’t he,….lol… ohh my goodness…are you sure that’s not a picture of a mannequin??????

  2. Love the bullshit! I believe he is a crises actor paid by the FBI just likme every other actor shown on the news after the make believe shooting. He is probably still being paid to remain in seclusion somewhere

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