John Brennan Claims If Re-elected Trump Will ‘Greenlight’ Putin’s Invasion Of Europe

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John Brennan

Former CIA Director John Brennan went on an unhinged rant against former President Donald Trump over the weekend.

During an interview Sunday with Belgium-based RTBF Actus Brennan delivered several baseless left-wing talking points, including the notion that Trump would greenlight Putin’s destruction of Ukraine and that he wants Russia to invade Europe.

According to Brennan: “The future of Ukraine and Europe is more secure if Joe Biden is elected”

Brennan who served as Obama’s CIA Director from 2013-2017, was a key player in the Clinton-contrived Russia collusion hoax against Trump.

Infowars reports: Speaking with Belgium-based RTBF Actus on Sunday, Brennan delivered several baseless left-wing talking points, such as the notion that Trump wants Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade Europe and wants to incite violence among his supporters.

Brennan began by warning that Trump would have the power to cut funding to Ukraine if elected again in November, which would give Putin the “green light” to invade the rest of Europe.

“He can do this by telling American intelligence not to help their Ukrainian counterparts. He can decrease or even stop financial and military aid to the government in Kiev,” Brennan said. “And that would give Vladimir Putin the green light to try to almost swallow up Ukraine. And unfortunately, I think it will encourage Vladimir Putin to look hungrily toward the rest of Europe.”

“The future of Ukraine and Europe is more secure if Joe Biden is elected. If Donald Trump is elected, that changes everything and serious questions will arise about the will of the United States to resist to Russian aggression in the future.”

It’s worth noting that Ukraine wasn’t in a conflict with Russia under Trump, as Putin did not make a move on the country until well into Biden’s term.

Brennan also opined that he was “demoralized” that Trump still has so much political support.

I am truly demoralized to see so many Americans supporting Donald Trump’s rhetoric. Many continue to believe in his conspiracy theories. It’s distressing to see isolationist sentiment gaining more and more ground in the United States,” he said.

He also regurgitated the bad-faith fake news/Democrat talking point that Trump called for a “bloodbath” if he was elected, when in fact he was speaking about the gutted auto industry under Joe Biden last month.

“Unfortunately, Donald Trump and some of his supporters continue to use flowery language which sometimes incites violence,” Brennan said. “Donald Trump, for example, spoke of a bloodbath if Joe Biden was re-elected. In the United States, the potential for violence is fueled by politicians who try to instill fear in citizens. This worries me and others in the national security community.”

Brennan also defended Biden’s advanced age but admitted he was worried about the tight polling between him and Trump.

“Yes, he’s 81. But I think the State of the Union speech he recently gave showed that he still had that fire in him and that he is still intellectually very engaged and has all his mental capacities. As long as he remains in good health, he will indeed be the candidate of the Democratic party,” he said.

“There is a lot of time until November, I am worried when I see some of the polls,” he added.

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