Fascinating Video: Thai Girl Talks About The Thai Girlfriend Scam

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From Living Thai (source link):  Lots of guys seem to fall for this scam even a dozen guys I know read this blog are getting scammed right now. If your sending money to your Thai girlfriend this article is not to be missed! The Thai girlfriend scam is not exactly unique to Thailand but Thai women seem to either by themselves or in groups figured out how to get guys to send them crazy amounts of money for doing absolutely nothing.

The following video you’ll see a Thai girl who runs the scam and you’ll be as amazed at I am that anyone would even send her a dime. Girls like this don’t really annoy me it’s the guys that send the money that really gets to me. As the girl in this video explains the guys send her money so she doesn’t have to work in a bar, but the likelihood that she even worked in a bar is pretty low in the first place.

Thai girls like this are cunning, manipulative, and are worse than whores. In fact whores are probably a whole level above these girls because they are straight up, pay me have sex and move on. These girls just keep you around until you stop giving them money. Believe me if you aren’t with the girl all the time and your sending her money she’s going to be playing the same game with a dozen other guys all the same looking for new prey.
There are a lot of lonely guys in Thailand and I get that, like in this video one of her victoms is 65 while she is 25. Hey if i’m 65 I can totally get that but damn guys unless she’s right there taking care of you and polishing your knob at your beck and call then don’t send her 40k a month! Are you stupid?

I’m fine with finding Thai girls to sponsor, and pay a monthly fee obviously university students are cheaper because their expectations are lower but girls over 25 I find to be more demanding and sneakier like the bitch in the video but younger girls can be just as cunning so really you have to be just as smart and sending a girl thousands of dollars a month that isn’t there to take care of you is not smart!

You ever get caught up in this scam before or know someone who has please let us know what you think or how it happened in the comments below.


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