Warning Of New Highly Mutated ‘Covid’ Variant, Former FDA Chief Says Vaccines Are On The Way

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Luckily his company Pfizer is already developing a new booster jab

Pfizer director and former FDA Chief

A new highly mutated variant of Covid that is rapidly spreading across the US and other parts of the world has got researchers worried….but we shouldn’t worry too much because Pfizer’s already developing a vaccine for it.

During an interview with on CBS’ Face The Nation Sunday, former FDA Director Scott Gottlieb, who is now a director at Pfizer, said he was “pretty concerned” about the variant and admitted that his company was on track to bring a new booster jab to market by mid-September

The latest news all points towards the return of covid restrictions and just arrives just in time for the 2024 election.

InfoWars reports: Speaking to host Margaret Brennan, the current Pfizer board member claimed Covid is on the uptick in several countries with seven mutated strains supposedly posing a concern for scientists, but Gottlieb noted they don’t appear to be “dangerous.”

“Whether or not this is going to be more transmissible than what we’ve seen before, that’s the key question,” Gottlieb stated. “Certainly at this point it doesn’t appear more pathogenic, so it doesn’t appear to be more dangerous, but it may be more transmissible than the strains that are circulating now. And in that case, it could overtake them. It’s too early to know. The testing is underway. I think we’re going to know a lot more in a week or two. But again, to put this in perspective, this new variant is as genetically different from Omicron as Omicron was from the original strain, that emerged in Wuhan. So this is a highly mutated variant.”

The EG.5 Covid variant, or the “Eris” strain, is currently “causing most of the infections,” Gottlieb said, but he added “the good news is that where we are right now, relative to where we were last summer when BA.5 was spreading, is a lot better.”

The former FDA Director under President Donald Trump went on to claim the number of infections are being tracked and modeled by “looking at wastewater data.”

Brennan next asked if Pfizer’s new boosters which are still going through the approval process will “protect against these new variants,” presuming the jabs actually work.

Gottlieb went on to admit his company Pfizer is on track to bring a new booster jab to market in mid-September, which he intimated the public should definitely take, but claimed last year’s booster jab should still work against current mutating variants.

“So the data looks like the new booster, which is based on BA1.15, which was the strain that emerged last spring, looks like it will protect against these new variants. Now, my guess is these new variants, this infection rate from this wave of infection from EG.5 is going to be coming down by the time the new vaccine’s available, which is going to be mid-September. So September 12th has been the date that they’ve talked about, but it’s going to be some point in mid-September that these will be widely accepted, possibly in pharmacies and other health departments and so people can go out and get it.”

Nowhere in the fear-mongering interview, which came off more like a Big Pharma advertisement, did Gottlieb or Brennan discuss the possibility that natural immunity could fend off infections, which would negate the need for vaccines.

There was also no discussion over potential vaccine side effects, or the financial windfall Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies stand to receive when their new jabs hit the market.

Considering warnings that new lockdowns are on the way, the discussion over the new variants evokes the feeling of a rollercoaster ascending before it takes its first deep plunge.
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