Fox’s Megyn Kelly: It’s Not Appropriate To Stare Down Cops

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Megyn Kelly

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly is not happy with black protesters staring down Chicago police officers.

In an episode of the Kelly Files a peaceful protester was seen giving a Chicago cop the looks following the release of the video of Officer Jason Van Dyke shooting 17-year-old teenager Laquan McDonald.

Host Megyn Kelly was not pleased with the young protester staring at the Chicago cop who was only doing his public duty according to Kelly, “This cop hasn’t done anything wrong”- (not yet, so far). The protester has his constitutional right to stare down the police officer, Kelly said, but it’s not “appropriate” behavior.

Raw Story reports:

“You think that’s fine?” she asked guest Richard Fowler. “You have no problem with this?”

“This is his First Amendment right,” he replied.

“It’s not a question of what his constitutional rights are,” Kelly said. “It’s a question of what’s appropriate.”Megyn Kelly

The silent confrontation, which Kelly described as an “extraordinary moment,” was captured on video as part of a demonstration criticizing police for McDonald’s death last October.Footage released on Tuesday shows Officer Jason Van Dyke shooting the teen 16 times despite McDonald not being close enough to “lunge” at him, as authorities have claimed. Van Dyke has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the incident.

“Listen, you’re going to have guys like this,” former New York City police Commissioner Bernard Kerik said of the unidentified young protester. “You know they want to instigate.”

Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly

“What is he instigating?” Fowler asked.

“Richard, look at him,” Kelly said. “This is a cop out there accused of doing nothing wrong, trying to keep the peace.”

“This guy is having a silent protest with this police officer,” said Fowler. “This is his First Amendment right.”

“He gets right in his face and stares him down?” Kelly asked. “This cop hasn’t done anything wrong.”

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