Fully Jabbed NFL Executive Drops Dead ‘Suddenly and Unexpectedly’

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Fully jabbed NFL player drops dead 'suddenly and unexpectedly'

Fully Jabbed NFL executive Jason Jenkins dropped dead ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’ on Saturday, according to reports.

Jenkins was the Dolphins’ senior vice president of communications and community affairs. He was 47.

According to the NY Post, the cause of his death is not known. The Palm Beach Post reported Jenkins died after “a medical emergency.”

Thelibertydaily.com reports: As with all corporate media stories on topics dealing with UCOD cases, they skim past the mystery of the death, never mention Covid or the vaccines, and proceed to fill the rest of the stories with reactions from friends and a short life story.

Meanwhile, studies and statistics continue to emerge pointing to a definite correlating and probable causal relationship with the rollout of the Covid jabs. For example, new data out of Israel shows total deaths in 2021 were higher with the jabs being rolled out than at the peak of Covid hysteria in 2020. More importantly, with Covid practically out of the picture in 2022, deaths are even higher than in 2021.


I’m neither a doctor nor a mathematician, but I can read basic facts and draw obvious conclusions. It’s the jabs. Short- and long-term adverse reactions are killing people.

This is why there’s such a sharp rise in UCOD cases.

Big Tech is getting a little less restrictive about Covid injection truth. A little. It’s important we share this information with as many as possible to prevent further “vaccinations” and “boosters” from reaching arms across the globe.


    • Odd isn’t it? I’m hearing more about the unvaccinated being infected by the vaccinated and some of them claims I haven’t heard of what a safe distance is….I guess time will tell

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    • Because they re threatened by the Health department who can cancel their licence and destroy their lives .And the health department take their orders from WHO ,and the director GENERAL of WHO ultimately is operating under the rile of laws morality which is the Pope who said “its everyones moral duty to be vaccinated “

  1. It’s the same Democrats here who are pushing the deadly Jab, and supported the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) for 120 years, who are responsible for this death.

  2. Gates said he was going to use vaccines to reduce population Everyone had the opportunity to read it ,to watch and hear him say it on video .Its been available for years and years .But as usual people only hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe .Selling drugs, being a drug courier training your kids to be drug couriers distributors laundering money and being pedophiles is the way to ascend the social ladder and make you a well respected member of the global community. And they believe it . And the establishment reinforce it with rewards. And they all think they’re the deserving members of society .

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