Fully Jabbed Teen Suffers Heart Attack, ‘Baffled’ Doctors Find 2 Blood Clots and Blocked Artery

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Fully jabbed teen suffers heart attack, leaving doctors baffled

A fully jabbed teenager from Tennessee was rushed to hospital last week after suffering a massive heart attack during a cross country race.

17-year-old runner Gabe Higginbottom was competing in Pensacola on Sept. 10 when after a race he said something felt seriously wrong in his chest, his coach Kris Harman said. Higginbottom is currently recovering in a Florida hospital.

“He started complaining about his chest hurting and kept complaining and we went to the trainer’s tent,” Harman told reporters. “Everybody initially thinks it’s hot, it’s heat exhaustion so give him ice but he’s still complaining about his chest.”

Westernjournal.com reports: Higginbottom “didn’t bounce back,” Melissia Reid Guthrie posted on the Bartlett High School Boys Cross County Facebook page.

“After an hour he was taken by some of the dad’s and coach to the medical tent. His vitals were good. Out of abundance of caution the doctor on site said he should go to the hospital,” she wrote.

“At the hospital his vitals were good until they weren’t. He was then airlifted with his mom to Gainesville Florida for further tests.”

The teen suffered a heart attack, Joe Moore, organizer of a GoFundMe page for Higginbottom and his family, wrote on the page.

“After running tests, they found Gabe’s right artery was completely blocked,” Moore wrote.

“Doctors performed an angioplasty to insert a balloon to open up his artery. Later they performed a 3-hour surgery inserting two stents and found two blood clots. He is currently recovering in Gainesville.”

Harman said doctors remain puzzled.

“They’re just trying to figure out what caused it,” he said, according to WREG.

“They’re cross country runners so these guys are slim, trim, they’re fit and so to see there was something there kind of shocked everybody.”

Moore said his son Andrew, 16, is also on the team. He said the incident would prompt a closer look at his son’s post-race health.

Higginbottom is a junior at Bartlett High School, according to a Facebook post from Bartlett City Schools.

Harman and Higginbottom’s mother Edrika are in Florida with the teen, according to the post.

“Please pray for Gabe and his family as he begins the rehab process,” the post said.


  1. Doctors that have gone along with the agenda of the 1% Are As Corrupt & Dangerous As the ‘their’ polieticians.

  2. Hard to believe at this stage there are still ‘doctors’ who are totally clueless. Main stream media zombies.- pathetic!

  3. What’s so puzzling to these doctors besides their brain washing? It’s the jabs you useless eaters. The jabs are causing this. Snap out of your obedience and start doing something about it already. The medical industry is one big joke.

  4. “Doctors are baffled”

    No, they’re just afraid to lose their license for speaking out on the main cause…global warming!!

  5. Fully Jabbed Teen Suffers Heart Attack, ‘Baffled’ Idiots Pretending to be Doctors Find 2 Blood Clots and Blocked Artery

    There, I fixed it for you. Excellence in journalism demands accurate titles in correct context.

  6. “Doctors” shouldn’t be “Baffled,” they should stop Lying and tell the truth, and risk losing their Medical Practice License.

  7. The title of this article is not supported by the reporting. Nowhere is it even discussed that Gabe Higginbottom is fully inoculated for Covid with the source for that information. I assume he was due to what happened to him, but why aren’t these doctors and coaches and family members proud to tell the world that Gabe got the clotshots and it had nothing to do with him getting blood clots!! I asked this question on Runnerworld and directly to Mr. Moore (who started the Gofundme) on his update that Gabe was going home on Oct.4th. But did that happen?Bafflement abounds!

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