‘Getting Vaccinated Is The Most Patriotic Thing You Can Do’ Says Biden

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Joe Biden

In a speech to mark July 4, President Biden declared that getting vaccinated is the ‘most patriotic thing that Americans can do’

Biden used his Indepdendence Day address to urge people into getting their covid vaccinations, suggesting they would be fulfilling their patriotic duty by doing so and safeguarding “the hard-worn progress” in the fight against the pandemic.

Speaking from the south lawn of the White House on Sunday, the president said: “My fellow Americans, that’s the most patriotic thing you can do, so, please, if you haven’t got vaccinated, do it now: for yourself, for your family, for your community and for your country”

RT reports: Biden credited his administration for getting the US economy back on track, claiming that it was “roaring back” from the days when most of the country was plunged into lockdowns and Americans had their freedom of movement severely restricted by stay-at-home orders.

“We’re seeing record job creation and record economic growth – the best in four decades and, I might add, the best in the world,” Biden said, addressing a 1,000-strong crowd gathered at the lawn.

Drawing parallels between the time 13 American colonies declared independence from Britain in 1776 and the fight against Covid-19, Biden said while the US still hasn’t “vanquished” the disease, it is “closer than ever to declaring our independence from a deadly virus.”

Biden argued that persuading as many Americans as possible to get the jab is the only way to combat the Delta variant of the virus, which is considered to be multiple times more infectious than previous mutations, and to “protect the hard-won progress we’ve made.”

While Biden’s speech mostly focused on the role vaccination plays in the return to normal life, the president appealed to his political opponents, arguing that a united front is needed to “beat the virus” and “rescue” the nation from “division and despair.”

“When we see ourselves not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans, then there is simply no limit to what we can achieve,” Biden said. So far, six months into the Biden presidency, the American public remains polarized, including increasingly on the issue of vaccination.


  1. Record job creation? Hello! It really isn’t job creation when these are companies opening back up after being forcefully closed because of the “pandemic”.

  2. the central banks of the west have control of china thru the back door. it started with Mao, or maybe before that, but with Mao, the western central banks have had full control of China. Wrap your brains around that one.

    All the communist movements were funded and designed by the likes of rockerfellers, and Rothschilds and all the other banker families.

    The Rothschilds brokered the deal for UK jet engine technology and licenses for the Mig 15 fighters in the Korean war.

    Pol Pott was funded by them, and instructed to break the ancient traditions of the people of Cambodia by killing all the intellectuals so they could swoop in and take control of the country’s banking system and resources.

    Their next plan is to thin out the populations of the white Christian Nations by 80% by 2025. They don’t want to destroy the infrastructure, but want to do it by chemical, psychological, and bio warfare.

    The vaccines are a big part of it. Many lots are custom made for women, men, boys, girls, old people.

    girls will get a vaccine that will sterilze them reduce IQ

    Boys will get one with castration chemicals reduce IQ

    older people will get a various types of chronic poisons that will shorten the life of the recipient reduce IQ.

  3. ‘His brand of patriotism requires a reprobate mind and a love of tyranny – “the american dream”, you have to be a ‘person’ and asleep to recognize the ‘new america’ – Biden, nor Trump, nor money, power or a stretch of land are of no consequence and not My gods – get real, holy smokes – is this all ‘a man of this world’ is worth

    The god presented on the USA dollar, symbolizes the faction running things in this age; no deity by any stretch of the word but of the fallen for selling out to dirty lucre. i do not serve or recognize this abomination as just men, certainly not this particular lot of filthy communist perverts; lusting for lost innocence, money and power – be gone, back to once you came, you sewage hungry little hats.

    • America needs a war of independence from interfering foreigners and their agents in high places. And I dont mean eurasian.

  4. The most patriotic thing you could do would be to overthrow the autocrats and their spawn wd puppets and pawns hiding in the shadows

  5. Biden and his family are filthy traitors guilty of unspeakable crimes against free people. Hell is probably too good for the lot of them. God help us!

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