Hong Kong Police Fire Warning Shots at Protestors

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Hong Kong police fire warning shots at protestors

Protests in Hong Kong turned violent on Sunday with police firing warning shots and rolling out water cannons for the first time.

Following a peaceful Sunday afternoon march towards the Tsuen Wan district, more radical elements arrived to spark violent clashes with police.


Summit.news reports: Protesters threw bricks and other objects towards the cops, who responded with multiple tear gas rounds and rubber bullets.


Authorities later rolled out water cannons in an unprecedented show of force – it was the first time they had been used during the 12 weeks of demonstrations.

Undeterred by the escalation in force, protesters responded in kind. One video shows a demonstrator serving a tear gas round back towards the cops using a badminton racket.


Another clip shows protesters beating cops with sticks, who then respond by firing a live round into the air as a warning shot.


Protesters are asking that their five demands be met before the demonstrations are ended. However, the Hong Kong government has indicated that this will not happen.

The two opposing sides are nowhere near a compromise and it seems inevitable that the violence will only continue to escalate.


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