Joe Biden Supports The ‘Ultimate Child Abuse’ Says Tennessee Bishop

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The bishop of Knoxville, Tennessee claims that Joe Biden supports the “ultimate abuse” of human dignity

Bishop Rick Stika was referring to abortion and compared the practice to slavery.

He wrote on Twitter: “If a person supports or promotes abortion, it is no different than supporting slavery…It is the ultimate abuse against human dignity and the human rights of the baby. It is the ultimate act of child abuse.”

Breitbart reports: In separate tweets, Bishop Stika also took issue with Catholic politicians who support abortion, insisting that they are supporting the “ultimate child abuse.”

“I find it difficult to understand how any person with any sense of human dignity can support abortion, especially if one has any faith,” the bishop wrote. “Biden and the rest wish to allow the ultimate child abuse and the greatest against humanity, abortion.”

Stika also criticized Catholics — especially priests — who confuse the faithful by suggesting a moral equivalency between abortion and other political issues.

“Some Catholics, including some clergy will hide behind other violations of human dignity but abortion is the preeminent issue for the Catholic Church,” the bishop noted, citing a voting guide by the U.S. Bishops’ Conference.

“Biden supports ending the Hyde Amendment, is against parental choice for education and wishes to make abortion the law of the land,” Stika added. “One knows the tree by the fruit.”

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