Kamala Harris Claims Justice System Is Not “Equitable” After Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

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Kamala Harris

Reacting to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, Vice President Kamala Harris said there is ‘still more work to do’ to improve the US justice system which she claimed is not “equitable”

However, critics have been quick to remind her about her own record as a prosecutor.

During an August 2020 interview speaking about Black Lives Matter protests turning violent in cities like Kenosha, Harris referred to Rittenhouse as a “shooter arrested for murder” and claimed “we will not let these vigilantes and extremists derail the path to justice”.

RT reports: Harris said in a Friday public statement that there is “still more work to do” to improve the US justice system, a much harsher reaction than President Joe Biden’s initial comment that he “stands by the jury” and their not-guilty verdict. In a later statement, Biden described himself as “angered” and “concerned” with the decision by the jury.

Rittenhouse was found innocent on all charges against him this week, which include murder charges stemming from his shooting of three people in Kenosha, Wisconisn in August of 2020, two of whom died. Rittenhouse maintained he acted in self defense, and the jury found him innocent on all counts. The verdict did not sit well with the liberal commenters, many of whom have blasted Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist,” despite no evidence presented in favor of that claim during the trial. 

Reacting to the verdict, Harris said she had spent the “majority” of her career trying to “make our criminal justice system more equitable.”

“It’s clear,” the former California senator added, “there’s still a lot more work to do.”

Critics were quick to remind Harris of the very past in the criminal justice system as a prosecutor that she references, one which became a main point of criticism during the 2020 presidential debates against the future vice president. 

Many took to posting a snippet from a CNN debate where Tulsi Gabbard ripped Harris’ prosecutor past. It echoed accusations long lodged by critics, such as that Harris was overzealous in helping to incarcerate over 1,000 people for minor marijuana offenses, and that many defendants had been over-sentenced, allegedly to provide cheap labor to the state. 

“What an irony that at the very time that the former rogue prosecutor Kamala Harris was acting president today a Kenosha jury rescued Kyle Rittenhouse from another rogue prosecutor,” reporter and author Miranda Devine tweeted, referring to presidential powers being briefly switched to Harris on Friday while the president received a routine colonoscopy. 


    • It’s not equitable for people who aren’t rich And rhe poorer you are theezz equitable, unless your some sort of servant of them in secret.

      • And equitable the wrong word Fair is closer but still not the word Not corrupt or biased with favouritism would be closer.

  1. She needs to show us what kinds of laws she would write. Our present laws, though not perfect, developed over a period of several thousand years and came about through careful problem solving pragmatically. She cannot do as well, much less better. She might be intelligent, but she is extremely ignorant. And she has not deal with reason in the matter.

    • I’m over man written laws. They’re only created because they go against natural law. If they were agreeable with natural law they would be redundant

        • No. Why would I listen to pagans? They’re men, no?
          The same men that write all unjust laws.
          I’m talking about inalienable rights granted to humanity by God/the creator.
          Do no harm. It’s actually very simplistic and easy to understand.

  2. It has NEVER been equitable It’s alway s been the crux of the success of the elite as the organised crime families ruling the planet from the top down. Ultimately the Church and Crown in it together.

  3. There has not been one of these hate filled people like Harris explain why they disagree with this just verdict.

  4. She should stick with working on her knees, only thing she’s good at because it got her where she is now. Just shows intelligence isn’t the way to the top in our political system.

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