Kids Should Still Wear Masks ‘Because CDC Say So’ Says White House Covid Czar

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Joe Biden’s newly-appointed ‘Covid Response Coordinator’, Dr. Ashish Jha, has declared that little kids should still be wearing masks in school because the ‘experts’ say so.

However, the covid czar also maintains that lifting all restrictions for migrants crossing the border is different.

He claimed that Biden lifting the Title 42 health authority, instated by President Trump, while simultaneously extending mask mandates for Americans makes sense because of ‘different standards’.

Summit News reports: Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto said “I’d like to address this whole Title 42 situation with you, doctor. Because there seems to be a different standard for migrants or those at the border, where we might loosen that at a time when we are tightening requirements here.”

“I’m just wondering your thoughts on that and whether Americans are right to feel that there’s a double standard,” Cavuto asked.

Jha responded, “The way I look at it is, first of all, if you look across the country, if you look at the CDC map, 97% of the country is in green. There are not very many restrictions. And the CDC scientists determined, on Title 42, that it was an appropriate time, from a public health point of view, to lift the Title 42 restrictions.”

OK, CDC says so. Any science to back it up?

No, look at the big map. OK. Carry on.

“We have always had a bit of a different standard on transportation, in the sense that we know when you’re sitting on an airplane, the person sitting next to you, if they’re coughing, they’re sneezing, you can’t get up and move. So, we’ve always wanted to be extra careful on public transportation, airlines,” Jha continued.

Jha added “And that, I think, is part of what is motivating the CDC scientists here to say, let’s take two more weeks, let’s get a sense of what’s going on. They really are pretty different circumstances. And I think that’s what is driving the CDC decision-making on this.”

Different standards, absolutely not double standards. OK.

Jha continued, “I think what we heard from the CDC this week is a little more time to make a more durable decision. It struck me as eminently reasonable.”


COVID bad when Americans on transport, not bad when migrants crossing border. OK, got it.

Cavuto then asked, “Do you think little kids should wear masks, doctor?”

Jha responded “That is what both the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends, that’s what the CDC recommends. So, I really do follow the experts on this. And I believe that, if America’s pediatricians are making those recommendations, I’m certainly going to take that pretty seriously.”

Masks good on little American kids in schools, restrictions not needed for migrants crossing border because ‘experts’ say so, OK got it.



  1. Czar is Russian for CAESAR. You know like Romans or even the roman Catholics who have drowned the world with covid Not Russians Romans the ROMANOFFS were the last Emperors of Russia. Orthodox Romanovs Comprehende?

  2. I’m wondering if Jose Dementio and his Obama Holdovers have appointed anybody who isn’t Black, Leftist, Muslim, or Gay to the admin.

    Ashish Jha? Really? I wouldn’t let this Muslim freak near my kids.

    Could this be intentional? Asking for a friend.

  3. He’s another of Bidens chosen whose personal life’s are a total secret. We wouldn’t know if he were a Satanist or lucuferian or cannibal. All we know is he was born educated and his work titles. We don’t even know what he thinks.

  4. Another foreign monig! NO people in Biden’s government are born here or have our ideals. Ashish Kumar Jha was born in Pursaulia, Madhubani, Bihar, India. Educated at Libtard Brown and Harvard where he was a Professor of Global Health. I have no doubt he is a Soros planted POS with a global, American hating agenda. Soros and Obama comb the globe looking for these scumbags to come in and take over America.

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