London’s Tower Bridge Now Has Glass Walkway – Video

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London’s Tower Bridge, which crosses over the River Thames, is an iconic sight in the city. A see-through walkway that offers spectacular panoramic views of the surroundings has just been unveiled there.

Visitors who stand on the glass walkway get to take in bird’s eye views of the River Thames in addition to the traffic and boats below. They can also watch the bridge when it gets lifted for large boats.

The floor measures 36 feet long by nearly 6 feet wide. It hovers roughly 137 feet over the water.

The head of the Tower Bridge Exhibition, Chris Earlie described his experience on the walkway.

He remarked “It is more exciting I think because you are not actually that high, you can see everything in detail beneath you. I do a lot of climbing and adventure sports but, even for me, the first time was a bit difficult.”

The walkway is the first structural modification to the bridge since the 1980s. The floor that was recently debuted to the public is available on the west side and another one is scheduled to open in early December on the east side.

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