Massive Ocean Discovered Under Earth’s Crust Containing More Water Than On the Surface

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The World Economic Forum have declared that “water is not a human right” and ordered world governments to begin rationing water into people’s homes to “fight climate change,” however in reality there is no shortage of water.

The elite don’t want you to know this, but people are realizing that there’s a massive ocean containing vast reserves of water under the Earth’s crust.

Scientists discovered that water is stored inside mantle rock in a sponge-like state, which isn’t a liquid, solid or a gas, but instead a fourth state. It turns out there’s a huge supply of water 400 miles underground stored in rock known as ‘ringwoodite’.

The scientific paper titled ‘Dehydration melting at the top of the lower mantle’ was published in the journal Science and laid out the findings.

“The ringwoodite is like a sponge, soaking up water, there is something very special about the crystal structure of ringwoodite that allows it to attract hydrogen and trap water,” said geophysicist Steve Jacobsen.

“This mineral can contain a lot of water under conditions of the deep mantle,” added Jacobsen, who was part of the team behind the discovery.

He added: “I think we are finally seeing evidence for a whole-Earth water cycle, which may help explain the vast amount of liquid water on the surface of our habitable planet. Scientists have been looking for this missing deep water for decades.”

The transition zone’s high water content has far-reaching consequences

Scientists made the findings after studying earthquakes and discovering that seismometers were picking up shockwaves under the surface of the Earth.

From that, they were able to establish that the water was being held in the rock known as ringwoodite.

If the rock contained just 1 per cent water, it would mean that there is three times more water under the surface of the Earth than there is in the oceans on the surface.

There is more than enough water to sustain life in a comfortable manner on earth. And yet the globalist elite are manufacturing another crisis and want to ration water into homes in order to punish and degrade the human race.

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