McBeer? Video – 10 Strangest McDonald’s Products

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McDonalds may be best known for their classic burger, fries, and milkshake offerings, but that doesn’t mean they don’t branch out from time to time.

Here are 10 of their stranger products.

Number 10. McFalafel. Offering the fried, ground chickpea balls in Israel sounds like something destined to be a success, but it didn’t turn out that way. Though the food is a staple in the country, too few people opted to get theirs at the burger chain, and it was removed from the menu.

Number 9. Bubur Ayam McD. Fans of breakfast porridge chock full of chicken, chilies, shallots, and ginger may find this dish pleasing. Of course, they’ll have to go to Malaysia to get it.

Number 8. McLobster. Declining lobster prices allowed the tasty bite to be served for a limited time at many locations in Canada. The salad is served on a roll and made of celery, onions, lemony mayo, and an impressive number of real lobster chunks. Bib not included.

Number 7. Le Frescallegre. Fancy though the item sounds, it’s really just a kiwi on a stick. McDonalds has as of late made fruit increasingly available as part of their healthier options initiative, and the produce creation may well turn up stateside.

Number 6. Brie Nuggets. They’re exactly what they sound like and Russia is the lucky country that gets to enjoy them. A side of ketchup is reportedly optional with the deep-fried, gooey pieces.

Number 5. McRice Burger. As its name implies the meal’s got plenty of rice, but perhaps not quite how you’re thinking. The sandwich’s main event is a chicken patty and instead of a traditional bun it’s between two toasted cakes of the grain.

Number 4. McBeer. Yes, McDonalds serves the adult beverage in several European countries. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, just the usual water, yeast, barley, and hops. How much you get depends upon where you are.

Number 3. Black and white burgers. The patties are the usual color, but the buns are made so their hues are either dark or light. Both come sprinkled with contrasting seeds and they’re served as a pair in a tidy little box.

Number 2. Poutine. The combo of fries, gravy, and cheese curds is a mainstay in Canada, and to keep the country happy McDonalds has added the dish to their permanent menu.

Number 1. Macarons. The colorful, delicate cookies are a signature pastry of France, but McDonalds has made them available far beyond the country’s borders. In Sydney, Australia they’re baked off-site and delivered to the individual restaurants regularly.

Which unique McDonalds menu item do you find the most intriguing?

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