MKUltra: Stephen Paddock Said CIA Could ‘Hack His Brain & Take Over’

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Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock said that he was a "government experiment" and the CIA could "hack his brain and take over".

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock told a Las Vegas escort that he was a “government experiment” and the CIA could “hack his brain and take over” in a series of disturbing text messages shortly before the worst mass shooting in modern American history, according to reports.

There’s messages where Stephen is telling her he’s a government experiment and that they are listening to everything he says and does, and they can hack into his brain and take over,” the escort, identified only as Mikaela, told Radar Online.

According to Mikaela, an unnamed prostitute who spent time with Stephen Paddock in the hours before the shooting has “vanished,” becoming the latest person with ties to the shooting to disappear or die in suspicious circumstances.

She was telling girls after work that she was scared something would happen to her,” Mikaela said, justifying her concerns by pointing out the number of dead and missing people surrounding the investigation into the shooting.

In the space of two months after the October 1 attack, eight eyewitness survivors, many of whom publicly disagreed with the official narrative, plus one high profile attorney, wound up dead.

Mikaela, who previously had a “sugar daddy” relationship with Paddock and is now cooperating with the FBI, has now fled the United States and is living abroad, fearing for her life.

Was Stephen Paddock a mind-controlled Manchurian Candidate?

MK Ultra is not fake news. You can read up on MKUltra on the CIA’s own website.

According to Wikipedia, Project MKUltra, also called the CIA mind control program, is the code name given to a program of experiments on human subjects, at times illegal, designed and undertaken by the United States Central Intelligence Agency.

More than five months since the shooting, the investigators still can’t provide a legitimate motive for Paddock to conduct the attack. His own family were dumbfounded. One option that is surely on the table now that more information has come to light is that Paddock was a mind-controlled Manchurian Candidate.

This idea comes from the MKUltra experiments from the 1950s-1970s. During these experiments the government conducted many psychological tests aimed at behavioral control, most famously on Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber.

Kaczynski was at Harvard when the CIA started toying with his mind. The experiments ultimately led him down the path of isolation, hatred, and eventually attacks on the public.

Was Stephen Paddock the latest in a long line of MKUltra mind-controlled Manchurian Candidates, brainwashed into performing ultraviolent acts on behalf of nefarious elites?

Given the shambolic and corrupt nature of the FBI investigation so far, and with the stakes so high, don’t expect to have the answers to these questions handed to you on a platter by mainstream media.

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