‘New World Order Are Marching Us Towards Armageddon’ Warns Senator

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The 'New World Order' are marching us towards armageddon, fmr senator warns

The ‘New World Order’ are marching humanity towards Armageddon, retired Virginia State Senator and retired Marine Col. Richard Black has warned.

Ukraine’s application to become a member of NATO and Russia’s mobilization of hundreds of thousands of troops represent a significant escalation, Col. Black says.

“The globalists are marching us relentlessly toward this nuclear Armageddon,” he wrote in an open letter to Congress on Tuesday.

Zerohedge.com reports: Black pointed out:

There would have been no war had we not overthrown the democratically-elected government of Ukraine by violently ousting President Yanukovych in 2014. We promoted war by flooding Ukraine with massive arms shipments afterwards.

The former senator said, “the US could have achieved peace by simply pressing Ukraine to implement the 2014 Minsk Peace Agreements which it had signed, establishing a clear framework for settling outstanding issues peacefully. Ukraine promised to implement the Minsk agreements, but chose instead to make war on the Donbass for the next seven years.” 

He said NATO could’ve sought peace but chose war instead. 

NATO had ample opportunity for peace but deliberately chose war. The US realized that, with Russia’s back to the wall, it would have no choice to but to attack. In 2007, US Ambassador to Russia William Burns pointedly warned that movement toward absorbing Ukraine into NATO might well trigger war between Ukraine and Russia. Nonetheless, the Obama administration overthrew the Ukrainian president and flooded in weapons, knowing that doing so would trigger war.

Black said billionaire elites who have an interest in the region are making “war profits even if it means gambling the lives of hundreds of millions of people across the globe.” 

“Should we annihilate the world’s population to intervene in a border war where the US has no vital national interest?” the former senator asked. 

Black called for an immediate end to this war by making Ukraine a neutral, non-aligned state, “just as we did during the Cold War with Austria in 1955.” 

But it appears the former senator’s plea to avoid further conflict went unheard after Zelensky’s declared intent to apply for expedited NATO membership as President Putin proclaimed the annexation of 15% of Ukraine. 

Based on Article 5, any acceptance of Ukraine into NATO would automatically trigger a Russia-West world war (WWIII). 

In a speech Friday, Putin said the US created a “precedent” by using nuclear weapons against Japan during WW2. 

Last week, Navy Admiral Charles A. Richard – currently serving as the US Strategic Command chief — warned that “possible direct armed conflict with a nuclear-capable peer” could be ahead. 


  1. We didn’t do any of it They did. They set it up They had the weapons made, they got the miners working, they set up the diesel supplies and the mefical infrastructures and they ran the propagandas. Not us.

  2. Putin has a point. List the nations that have dropped nukes on civilian targets……….

    I can only think of one.

    While we’re at it, who carpet bombed Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, etc? Not Russia.

    • Yes but look at the nuclear testing in the atmosphere and oceans by nations. There’s been THOUSANDS of nuclear weapons expolded all over the place for decades now. And the fallout doesn’t go away. Andthe depleted uranium enters the human cells, its smaller than a virus even and attacks the mitochondria I think from memory and is inside the cell damaging dna and rna within 48 hours of contact. And it attaches to metal in planes and causes accelerated destruction and failure leading to increased events accidents deaths. And they won’t admit it due to legal liability anymore than they will admit they screwed ip the atmosphere and the weather and the environment. They just want to screw it up a, lot more with their new green plan.

  3. in the next few years I think the following will begin to happen.
    mass die offs of the vaccinated, people dying of cancers, heart attacks, strokes and the like.
    then hyperinfaltion, and super depression, and a manufactured energy shortages. we will get a big taste of it this winter.
    we will lose power during a massive snow storm, and getting gas for your generator will be impossilble.
    everyone with their brand new teslas will get trapped on the turnpike in a snow drift and found frozen to death the next day.

  4. Check out the original nuclear whistle-blower from the olden days Leuren Moret. There might even still be some videos you tube didn’t delete. Remember when DU depleted uranium was the hot topic? Well ot hasn’t gone away It’s still all over airspace everywhere Will still be there in 250, 000 years.

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