Turkish Police Seize 11 Million Captagon Pills Used By Isis Fighters

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Turkish anti-narcotic police seized a large quantity of the amphetamine drug, Captagon, which is widely used by Isis fighters to keep them alert. 

Nearly two tonnes of the hallucinating drug was seized, amounting to 11 million Captagon amphetamine pills, near the Syrian border. Captagon has been blamed for fueling the Syrian conflict and has made a big presence in the Middle East and the surrounding region in recent years.

The Independent reports:

The stimulant drug has been dubbed as the drug fuelling Syria’s civil war, as its production provides incomes for all factions in the war and keeps fighters awake over long periods of time.

Turkish anti-narcotic police confiscated over 10.9 million pills, weighing almost two tonnes, in two separate raids in the eastern Hatay region near the border with Syria, the interior ministry announced.

7.3 million pills were captured in one raid, and were set for shipment to Gulf countries concealed inside 1,300 oil filters, AFP reported.

Another 3.6 million were seized in a depot.


One Syrian and two Turkish nationals were detained on suspicion of trying to organise the smuggling.

The amphetamine fenethylline is often mixed with caffeine and other substances to create Captagon, the ‘brand name’ for the drug.

Syrian fighter allegedly on crack

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